The nightmares have begun…

The nightmares have begun…

Do you ever get school nightmares? You know- ones where you forget your homework, or locker combination, or pants. Or, maybe you are sitting on a toilet in the middle of class.

Well, I don’t have those anymore. I used to. But, since I’ve been teaching my school nightmares involve me being the teacher rather than the student. And, wouldn’t you know that two weeks out before my summer break is over, my nightmares begin.

Last night I woke up every two hours (to pee), and would fall back to sleep into school nightmares. First, a new teacher came in and was supposed to be in the classroom next to us, but got confused so she totally rearranged our room instead of hers while we were setting up the preschool.

Then, my first class comes in, and it is HUGE. I have like 60 high school students and I couldn’t fit them in my class. So, I take them outside to a barn area to discuss the syllabus. I have two students who are not listening and trying to sneak out of class. I’m yelling and yelling and no one is listening to me. Next thing I know, the whole class is walking out. So, I go back to my desk to write every single student a referral! When I turn around, most of the class is back except for the first two original students.

Oh, and it gets better! Some students are sitting on this wooden fixture that topples over with my students on it! I call my dad to come and help me out and he’s trying to tell me some bad news, when my alarm goes off!!

I always find this amusing, because in my dreams it seems so real, but the truth is that I’ve never had any kinds of problems like this in my classes. I barely write referrals and I very very rarely scream. Actually, I don’t think I scream at all. So, these nightmares don’t make sense, but I wake up in a cold sweat anyhow!

PS- the class size amendment thing they passed in Florida does not apply to the elective classes. That means, I could technically get 60 students in my class at one time, but let’s hope that they wouldn’t do that to me!

One thought on “The nightmares have begun…

  1. I do the SAME THING! I have school nightmares every year as the teacher. Mine involve me being without clothing, but it doesn't seem to bother me or anyone else. I also have dreams that my kids are horrible and such. I haven't had any start yet, except for one random one mid-summer. I go back in two weeks as well. Yuck.


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