I’m freaking out a little cause I’m actually washing my first load of baby clothes as we speak. It’s very strange. Uncharted territory.

Actually, everything came to a screeching halt earlier today while trying to wash the clothes because well….call me stupid, but I didn’t know if I should use fabric softener or not. After years of doing laundry, I suddenly blanked and got really nervous. Yah….

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Rhiannon for answering all my (100 or so) questions about what to pack for the hospital and doing baby laundry and all that stuff. She was sweet enough to invite Matt and I over for dinner and then let me probe her.

I really needed this cause all of the sudden I’m feeling not ready for a baby to come, yet. I mean, I have a crib, a dresser, a rocker, some clothes and a breast pump. It seems like the essentials, but still…How did this thing I’ve been waiting for for years all the sudden creep on me to the point where I’m scrambling to get things ready??? EEeeeccckkk!!!

5 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. I still haven't packed, but I've stopped worrying so much about not being ready. The bedroom is done … enough, at least until after Henry comes and I have the strength to work on things myself. I've given up asking Christen to get my deep freezer so I can make food ahead of time because I'm sick of being a nag. It'll have to happen later too, we'll just be eating Chickfila and Subway for awhile after I give birth. And all I'm truly waiting for is the mattress for the crib (which my ILs are getting and they are very reliable, so even though it hasn't happened I'm not worried), and diapers and a cradle, which I figure if I don't get them at my shower next weekend, I'll go out the next day and buy and be done with it. :)It has been a weight of my shoulders once I just stopped worrying; I just had to get 2 1/2 weeks out before I made the decision to not worry so much.


  2. Yeah…I need to stop freaking out, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon…Also, I ran into Stacey Wilson at the CVS yesterday afternoon! She lives right by me, so I typically do run into her every now and then, but I hadn't seen in her in about a year. She says hello!


  3. I'm 5 weeks or so ahead of you and I just stopped freaking out (and I already have one so I should know what I'm doing here) so I think you have the go-ahead to be as freaked out as you want. In other news, I turned to Christen today and said, "so do you think we should wash Henry's clothes?" and he said "Why?" and I said, "Well, we didn't do it with Spencer, but evidently we're supposed to wash the new baby's clothes before wearing so any harsh chemicals get washed off … or something like that." Ha! So it was decided that I have another load of laundry to do once I decide to do my own. One day. I think Spencer's almost out of shorts, so I guess I'm going to have to do some.


  4. If it makes any difference, I never used 'baby' detergent on Jack's clothes. Granted, he didn't have sensitive skin, but I just used plain old regular Tide and did a double rinse to ensure all the soap was out of them. Dreft is SOOOO expensive and it's just one more thing to remember to buy at the store, so I never bothered. Call me crazy. Plus, they say not to use fabric softener on baby clothes and Dreft has softener built in. All the cloth diaper websites warn you never to use it because it will ruin your diapers. So, my two cents for whatever it is worth. 🙂


  5. Yes. I read not to use fabric softener, so I didn't. I also read that using white vinegar has the same effects as softener, but won't tke the fire retardent stuff out of the baby clothes. AND, it won't smell vinegary….I think I'm going to try that next to see what happens!


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