31 week Belly Pic

31 week Belly Pic

I missed the 30 week Belly Pic for obvious reasons. It wouldn’t have been a good one and well, a hospital room didn’t seem like a good back drop. So, 31 weeks it is and really things couldn’t be better pregnancy-wise.

I have the typical complaints for a pregnant girl in the third trimester. I have back pain, some small braxton-hicks contractions, and swelling. But nothing serious.

On Wednesday morning, I had a Dr.’s appointment. They tell me the new midwife is starting soon, and I will make sure that my next appointments are with her. I did lose 3 pounds, but I pretty much figured that would happen with the stress of Matt’s surgery. Since my measurements were right on target and Tiny’s heartbeat was strong, they weren’t too concerned. Also, I found out that I am a little anemic, but again this is not a big deal since most pregnant women are, or at least borderline. So, I was told to get an iron supplement and I plan on getting that today while on my errands to the medical supply store for Matt.

We also went on our Hospital tour of the maternity ward. Matt was actually able to go with me and I was very excited that he was feeling well enough to do this. I requested a wheel chair so he wouldn’t have to walk so much and it worked out very nicely. I will be birthing at Countryside Mease in their new state of the art maternity ward. It has a level 3 NICU and water birthing rooms. The labor/delivery room was just beautiful and Matt and I were both very impressed with just how nice it was. I can’t believe we’re so close to meeting our little girl. I actually started feeling a little emotional on the tour. In just a couple of months Matt and I will be parents. I feel like the luckiest woman alive!

2 thoughts on “31 week Belly Pic

  1. You look fabulous! Isn't Mease Countryside great! We really loved it when we had Ty. They have really good ice! I can't believe you are so close!! I am so excited for you!


  2. Suz, you look beautiful. I'm so happy Matt is doing better and you are happy with the hospital – that's super important.


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