My favorite things…

My favorite things…

The last couple of days Matt has been recuperating fairly well. Hooray for that! I’ve gotten a real taste of what it will be like to be up all night with a baby. Well, except for the part where Matt is not a baby and I can’t breastfeed him, hold him, or change his diaper to make his pain go away….

Anyway, I’ve had a few minutes to go and get some shopping done and found Orange Fanta Zero! Woo-hoo! Orange Fanta has never tasted so good since I got pregnant but I’ve had to cut down my intake cause it has so much sugar on it. Now I can drink it every day!!!

Also, has anyone tried those little Skinny Cow individual ice creams that are 100 calories?? Another exciting treat for me these days…The Dulce de Leche flavor really is amazing.

And finally, my next favorite thing this week is the birthday present my sister gave me- a Prenatal Massage at the Country club. Hooray for that because I now do the old lady shuffle when I get out of bed or get up from sitting down for too long.

Speaking of back pain, the nurse was here the other day to change Matt’s dressing and she was asking me questions about his various medications, when the conversation turned and went something like this:

Nurse: “Any back pain?”
Me: “Yes, but only when I get up.”
Nurse: “I meant Matt.”
Me: “Oh, no I don’t think so.”
Nurse: “How about edema?”
Me: “Yes, my feet swell pretty bad.”
Nurse: ” Um, no..this one is for Matt, too.”

Oopsie! 🙂

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