Anniversary/Birthday Beach Weekend

Anniversary/Birthday Beach Weekend

This past weekend we had a wonderful time at the beach to celebrate our anniversary/my birthday! Both of these are coming up this next week. But, in light of some things going on around here, we decided to celebrate early.

Rather than go far and waste any time travelling, we opted for a stay-cation in our very own Clearwater Beach! We had a beautiful view of the water in a “resort”of sorts which had its very own private beach. I use the term resort lightly, because we stayed at Shepard’s. So, if you are from around here, you know what I mean. It’s really more of a party spring break kind of place. But, the room was beautiful and it has it’s own private beach, so all went well.

There is a trolley that goes through the entire beach, so we bought a day pass and got a whole new perspective of our little beach town. For the first time in the 21 years I’ve lived here, I actually felt like a tourist in my own hometown. It was strange, and yet I felt so blessed to live in this beach haven. It is so beautiful, and I’m so happy that our daughter will get to be born in this little slice of heaven on earth.

PS- for those of you wondering, I stopped aging in 2007, so I’ll be 29 again on Sunday.

PPS- Thank you to those who sent prayers and positive thoughts our way for my sister’s little kitten. Unfortunately, he is now in kitten heaven. I really appreciate those of you who sent kind words our way.

PPPS– Do you think you can send us more prayers and positive thoughts? Matt’s surgery is tomorrow morning very early and we will be needing them!!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary/Birthday Beach Weekend

  1. Happy early birthday and anniversary! I am praying for Matt's surgery tomorrow that all will go smoothly and that his recovery time will be quick! Keep us posted.


  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I was thinking about you guys yesterday. Hope everything went well with Matt's surgery. I will call you when we get back.


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