Last Week’s Shananigan’s

Last Week’s Shananigan’s

So last week you didn’t hear from me much in the bloggy world, but that’s only cause:

1) Matt was away all last weekend in Illinois visiting his family, so I made a ton of plans with my friends to keep me busy. Believe it or not, Matt and I are rarely apart for more then a day or two, so I needed to do this.

2) I basically worked from the time I woke up until I went to bed on the house. I was getting things ready for Matt’s surgery and getting the baby’s room painted (thanks Mom!) and furniture upstairs and set up.

But let’s talk about the fun stuff….

Like how I went to my first Roller Derby!!

I could tell you about how much fun it was, but instead I’ll tell you about how everyone else was dressed in fish net stockings, spanky’s, and baby tees while I showed up wearing pink and pearls. Hmmm….well, at least my girlfriends had a good laugh at my expense.

Back to roller derby….these girl’s were tough. “Black Jacque” for instance was super scary. She had a REALLY large butt and she used it and her large thighs to push girls out of the rink. And, I’m not talking soft taps. I mean these girls were flying onto their knee pads and getting hurt. And then, there was Grizzley Madame and Strawberry Shortsk8…both of which were girls meant to play men’s football, in my opinion. I’m still having nightmares about them. My favorite was Suzie Bonebreaker. Not just for the namesake, but because she looked like a barbie but could skate faster than anyone I’d ever seen and also dodge the scaries like Black Jacque.

My friends and I, of course, decided to come up with our own roller derby names.

Sarah is Scare Bear.

Brooke is the Red Menace.

Margy is….crap, I forget…

And I’m, well, the Pearl Crusher, of course! Or, the Pearl Jammer if I had to be the Jammer (the girl who is supposed to dodge the group and make it to the front without getting killed).

PS- Roller Derby’s take place in old skating rinks. So, if you decide to go to one (and I highly recommend you go to at least one in your lifetime) then note that it will smell like smelly socks and popcorn.

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