Quick 29 Week Belly Pic

Quick 29 Week Belly Pic

I’ve been busy, busy, busy this week. I’ll blog more about that later. But, for now let’s take a look at how much bigger I am these days…

Everything is going well these days. Not much change. I’m still swelling and I’m still having back pain. I bit the bullet this week and bought a maternity band to support the heavy belly. Hopefully, that takes care of some of those problems.

The biggest thing right now for me is that my midwife is no longer with the practice….yep….I saw the regular OB on Tuesday for my biweekly appointment. I was a little disappointed to hear this, but they tell me a new midwife is coming in August. Still, I’ve seen the same midwife all pregnancy and now all the sudden at the end of my pregnancy I have to get to know a new one??? I just don’t know what I think about this…I still want to stay with the same practice, though, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

Hope everyone is well!! I will be blogging about this week’s shenanigans on Monday. I’ve got a bust weekend ahead of me, but I’ll tell you all about that, too!! Have a great weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Quick 29 Week Belly Pic

  1. What is it with that practice and midwives leaving??? Did they say where she went? Was this the Jan lady? I know you told me that Kathy left too.


  2. She's gone? That's weird. I see Dr. Marler all the time because it's easier to get an appointment with him. I'm pretty sure Vendeland will do my surgery, and I've met her once. I hope you like the new midwife! I always thought the last one seemed like one of those women that hoarded cats, but she said she was more of a dog person … 🙂


  3. You look great! What a bummer that she left the practice…I would feel upset too if she had been with me throughout an entire pregnancy. How odd. Good thing Dr. V is SUPER AWESOME!!!You are super awesome too Suz!


  4. I know how you feel. My doula had a family emergency and I met her back up (who attended my birth) the day I had Holder. But these things tend to work out. And honestly, if you have a natural birth, the midwife will matter less than you and your doula or coach, if that makes sense. The nurses/OB were all irrelevant to my birth. Good luck!


  5. I don't know where the hell Jan went and I'm not even going to bother to ask, because no one even told me she was leaving. No letter, verbal notice, or anything! In the meantime, I have seen both Dr. Marler and Dr. Vendeland. Aja- my Doula is a good family friend so at least I do have that.


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