Family Vegas Vacation 2010

Family Vegas Vacation 2010

***This is the motherload of all posts. Read at your own risk!!***

We had a wonderful 9 day trip to Vegas and I have finally compiled all the pictures to give you an appropriate post of all the activities!

We flew in on Saturday the 19th to make it into town around 12:20 Vegas time. We met up with Matt’s cousin John and his wife Elena who flew in the day before. Together we went straight over to the M casino for the seafood lunch buffet before buying some groceries and then heading to the house my dad rented. We had a nice night in eating Elena’s homemade guacamole while the guy’s played pool.

On Sunday, we headed over to the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s for Father’s Day. This is a very special place to us since this is where Matt and I had our wedding reception just 3 years ago! Afterwards, we continued the party over at the Venetian, the Treasure Island Siren and Pirate show, the Wynn for a drink by the waterfall, and finally at the Hooters Casino for a late dinner.

On Monday, Elena, John, Matt and I headed over to the Rio buffet while my dad recuperated from his Father’s Day celebration. Afterwards, we all met up at the MGM and then headed over to the New York New York arcade where John beat all of us at Wacamo. We stopped and had Bloody Mary’s over at Gallagher’s in the NYNY (well, I had club soda) before John and Elena had to fly back to Texas. Later that day, the rest of us headed over to the Excaliber for more shopping and arcade fun and then back to the NYNY for a drink at Coyote Ugly (where we saw the largest breasts on any women we have ever seen in real life) and then had dinner at the Greenberg Deli. We ended the night with a little gambling over at Planet Hollywood.

On Tuesday, my parents went over to Mt. Charleston for the morning while Matt and I had some lunch at Matt’s favorite burger joint in the world, In & Out Burger! Afterwards we headed over to the Sahara for some arcade fun. My parents met up with us in time to ride the roller coaster “Speed” with Matt and then we partook in the dollar days there ($1 kamakazi shots, hot dogs, and beer). Ok, I didn’t partake in any of that, but I watched and had a good time anyway. We then headed over to the Golden Nugget Buffet for dinner and then did a little gambling over at 4 Queens and Fitzgerald’s.

Wednesday was my dad’s 60th birthday! We spent the entire day at that M casino in a VIP cabana with a bottle of Jack to help him celebrate his big day in style. After a full day of pampering, we picked up my sister and brother-in-law at the airport for a late dinner at the Bootlegger.

Thursday, the whole fam headed out to the new City Center and had a brunch at a cafe in Aria before checking out the new casino and then walking over to the other building, Vdara. WOW! The new City Center is GORGEOUS!!! We also spent a little time gambling at the Bellagio before we headed home to get ready for my dad’s 60th birthday dinner at Delmonico’s. We ended the night over at my dad’s old hangout when he used to live in Vegas- Cleopatra’s Barge over in Ceasar’s Palace.

Friday, Matt and I ventured out on our own for a bit and drove by Matt’s old house from when he used to live in Vegas. We also stopped by the old Gold’s Gym he used to work at and then had a little lunch at Del Taco and Baja Fresh (two of Matt’s favorite’s when he lived in Vegas). We stopped by a couple of local casino’s (Barley’s and Eastside Cannery) before we headed over to the Hard Rock Casino for some gambling. Matt then took me to the Brighton store at the Venetian so I could buy myself a charm bracelet as a souvenir. We headed over to the Mirage for a Pina Colada (I had a virgin). We lost some money at the slots so we went over to the Rio and then the Palms for some dinner. Later that day we met up with my parents and sister at the Stratosphere where Matt and my brother-in-law rode a few of those crazy rides on the top of the casino (the rest of us sat in the lounge and waited for the crazies to come back!!)

On Saturday, Matt and I got an early start at the champagne brunch at the Mirage. It was after Brunch that we had our big win. We walked up to the craps table and bought in for $60. We left less than an hour later with $300. That’s a $240 profit. Woo-hoo!!! Later that day we went back to the New York New York arcade and then over to the Sahara arcade. Can you tell we love arcades? Let’s just say Tiny will never want for arcade toys as her Daddy appears to be the Arcade King! ๐Ÿ™‚ We were going to meet my parents and sister at Fong’s Garden, my Dad’s all time favorite chinese place when he lived in Vegas, but it closed after 53 years!!! So instead, we all met over on Fremont street for a final dinner at Mickey Finz and some last minute gambling and souvenir shopping. We ended the night with a drink at the Peppermill ( me = club soda, AGAIN!!!).

Sunday, was a sad sad day when we had a quick lunch at the In & Out Burger before dropping off our rental cars and heading to the airport to go back home!

If you made it through this entire post, you should know that no matter how busy it appears we were during this trip, we did still get to relax and be a little goofy…..

For instance, every restroom in all the casino’s had a Health Warning Sign that read:

“Drinking wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages during pregnancy may cause birth defects.”

Of course, I couldn’t resist gasping at every sign and saying, “Oh, no! Why didn’t anyone tell me this before!!”

And then, there was a really stinky drunk guy at the Venetian trying to pose like the human statue….

There was also this travesty of a metro-sexual walking down the street at City Center trying to act like he looked good. Notice the popped collar of the mid 90’s, the big white shades, and the over-use of mouse. Tsk, tsk…

Funny story, but since I love olives (and especially now that I’m pregnant) I kept begging my mom for the olives in her bloody mary’s. She, of course, refused me adamant that they were soaked in vodka from her drink. One night, Matt got me a couple olives he said he got from the cocktail waitress and then after I ate them proceeded to tell us that he actually just found them at the bar soaking in a tray of vodka….(he was joking).

Sorry it took me so long to get this post out. But it has literally taken me 3 hours to get this done after sorting through the thousands of pictures we have!!! We hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did!! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Family Vegas Vacation 2010

  1. I made it! I didn't realize that both Matt and your Dad lived in Vegas once upon a time. Also, I would think hitting up every buffet in vegas=every pregnant womans dreams come true! Glad y'all had a great trip!


  2. It definitely looks like you all had a great time! It makes me actually want to go to Vegas. I have really never had the desire to go but you make it look like so much fun!


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