28 week Belly Pics/I’m in the third trimester!!!

28 week Belly Pics/I’m in the third trimester!!!

Here’s my 28 week belly pics. Can you believe I’m in the third trimester now?

My belly is getting so huge that I can hardly imagine getting any bigger, but everyone tells me it is possible, so I believe them…(yikes).
It is getting increasingly more difficult to bend over, which makes cutting/painting my toe nails next to impossible. I suppose I have no choice but to get bi-weekly pedicures (wink, wink).
I have been feeling great these days, and I just hope it lasts as long as possible. My only problem now is the whole sleeping thing. I just can’t get comfortable anymore, but I talked to a few friends about this so I have a couple of ideas that may help me with this. Every once in a while I get a pain in my lower back/upper leg area which I believe is my sciatica. I’ve been doing stretches and I’m hoping this will alleviate it. It’s not every day, so it’s not really that bad or unbearable.
Tiny continues to move constantly!! I think this is why I can’t sleep. She kicks around in there and I get nervous that she is uncomfortable, so I change positions about 100 times until she stops her punching and kicking. My belly is also now big enough to rest my arms on it when I sit down and Tiny doesn’t like this at all. She gives me a swift kick in the arm every single time! I told Matt that I have a feeling that we have a very head strong/stubborn child in utero. She has no problem letting me know before her birth what she likes and doesn’t like. I’m guessing she will be born that way, too! Matt predicts this is right being as we both tend to be head strong and stubborn. SCARY!!
There have been some big changes here in the Tow House, and that includes getting Tiny’s room ready! Now that Mike is gone, I have the room completely cleaned and ready to paint. My mom is coming tomorrow to paint the room a very very light lavender color. I also have some new curtain rods to put up in there. Next thing you know the furniture will be there and the baby will be, too. CRAZY!
My baby shower invites have gone out, and I feel kind of awkward about it!! I’ve never had a shower before. I didn’t have one for my wedding because it was a small wedding of family only. I couldn’t stand the idea of having a shower when I didn’t invite anyone to the wedding. It just felt wrong. The reason we had a small wedding was because I can’t stand being the center of attention and Matt wanted a small laid back wedding as well. So, now comes a baby and this will be my one and only shower! I had a very difficult time choosing who to invite because I can only have so many people at my mother’s house. But it’s all said and done now, so I guess we’ll just see what happens in just one short month. Truthfully, I’m feeling kind of nervous about all that attention!!!

6 thoughts on “28 week Belly Pics/I’m in the third trimester!!!

  1. I'm glad that all the stuff got moved and you were able to clean! I knew it would all work out. 🙂 Can't wait to see Tiny's room!!


  2. Jen, I'm registered at Target and Babies R Us. If you just happen to want to leave chicago for a bit and swing by florida around Aug. 7th, you are more than welcome to stay at my place and go to the shower!! 😉


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