I took a break from deep house cleaning to look up the best cleaning solutions to clean grout in a shower and I found this awesome site!

It has a recipe database, how-to-videos, and a weekly newsletter. Then I scroll down to find this:

New Articles this Week
How to Make Brownies on a Stick
Creative idea for making a bouquet of brownies on a stick. Great gift idea!

Easy Decorating: What to Hang on Kitchen Walls
Creative ideas for decorating your kitchen walls with fun yet decorative items.

Contemporary Decor in the Bedroom
Creative, expert tips for updating your bedroom with contemporary home decor.

Decorating a Bedroom with Cheap Teenage Furniture
Easy expert tips for decorating a teen’s room with cheap furniture.

Companion Planting
Tips for putting plants together that will compliment each other in your home garden.

7 Ways to Beat the Debt Collector
Reduce your debt by paying a little extra a month and learn to keep your expenses within your income.

How to Grow Watermelons
Expert tips for successfully growing watermelons in your summer garden.

And guess what the video of the day is??

How to choose Closet Systems!

This is my kind of site for sure, so I posted it over in the “Crafty People” section to the left as “Creative Homemaking.” Enjoy!!

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