I can’t believe we are already into July and the next Top 5…

I can’t believe we are already into July and the next Top 5…

Well, my brother-in-law moved out this weekend. It’s interesting, because Matt and I have never lived alone. I mean it! I moved in with the both of them in November 2006, Matt and I got married in July 2007 and bought our town house and Mike stayed with us because it worked out best while they opened up their business. But, now there is a baby coming and I’m pretty sure a baby will cramp Mike’s dating life so we all agreed it best that he move on and that leaves me and Matt alone in a big town house. Hmmmmph…..

Anyway, that brings me to the 4th, because we (Me, Matt, and My parents) went over to Mike’s new place on the beach that he’s sharing with a couple of guy friend’s. A bachelor pad for sure! But an awesome one. We had a great time inside the condo, because well it rained most of the night. But, not enough to rain out our fireworks. We were able to walk down just a little ways to a clearing that allowed us a perfect view. Good times indeed. Next year we’ll be bringing a baby to the fireworks. That’ll be new and interesting. I hope she likes fireworks as much as we do!

So this week’s Top 5 is your Top 5 Favorite Small Appliances. Mine are:

1) My Dyson DC25 Animal
2) My Shark Steam Cleaner
3) My Crock Pot
4) My Delonghi Toaster Oven Rotisserie
5) My Microwave!

What’s yours?

PS- for funnies I’ll leave the Lady Gaga fans with Matt’s latest foray in the depths of the inter webs:

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