Lazy Summer Days

Lazy Summer Days

Matt and I have been taking advantage of his time off of work to just relax, and I have to admit it has been really nice. We’ve been able to spend a lot of time together watching t.v. and talking. In fact, we have a new show we like, Billy the Exterminator. Have you seen this? It sounds dumb, and honestly, the previews look dumb, but it’s very interesting. So, it’s been a Billy the Exterminator Marathon in the Tow House for the last week.

Matt has been progressing so well these days! We’ve been able to leave the house for an hour or so everyday so that he can go outside, do a little work, eat, and so on without the confines of the house. He’s been working hard on his physical therapy, and it’s really paid off because he’s now able to walk with just a cane on some occasions. He’s not 100% ready to fully go to the cane but he was able to go upstairs for a little bit yesterday and I know he was very happy for the change of scenery. He’s being extra cautious and conservative knowing we have another surgery coming up. He has a Dr. appt on Tuesday, and we’re hoping for a good prognosis.

As for me, I’ve just been getting ready for Tiny to make her big appearance. I’ve packed my hospital bag (almost- just waiting on some baby items and the gownies I ordered.) I’ve been cleaning out some of the closets when I get a few minutes, and today I’m washing all of Tiny’s clothes so I can put them in her drawers. The rocker came in this morning, so I’m excited to be able to post some pics pretty soon of the nursery. It’s really starting to come along!

You know what? I’m wrong…maybe these are not lazy summer days.We are obviously working hard here. BUT, they are relaxing and quiet.

Except for Lily. She is being a little lazy if you ask me…

When life hands you lemons, make CRAFTS….*updated*

When life hands you lemons, make CRAFTS….*updated*

It may seem like I haven’t been crafty lately, but I really have. I’ve been working on a 2 part knitting project for the baby that is almost done. I think I’ll have it ready to post by next week.

In the meantime, Matt needed a bag to hang off his walker so he can be a little more independent, like getting himself a soda. I was about to go to the medical supply store to get one, when I opened a JoAnn’s flier and found that they had them there and ready to decorate! So, I went to JoAnn’s instead, and after a few iron on’s, some ribbon, leather, and hot glue, I came up with this:

Matt says he’s happy about the new walker bag, and yet not too happy because he’s excited to have a bag for his walker.

Good to know that I can turn a grim situation into a craft project…


Matt has filled his bag with only the most important goodies needed on the go:
1) cell phone
2) gummy bears
3) swedish fish
4) favorite Threshers cup
5) can of Dr. Pepper
6) Cubs hat

Don’t I feel like the good little wifey! 😉

31 week Belly Pic

31 week Belly Pic

I missed the 30 week Belly Pic for obvious reasons. It wouldn’t have been a good one and well, a hospital room didn’t seem like a good back drop. So, 31 weeks it is and really things couldn’t be better pregnancy-wise.

I have the typical complaints for a pregnant girl in the third trimester. I have back pain, some small braxton-hicks contractions, and swelling. But nothing serious.

On Wednesday morning, I had a Dr.’s appointment. They tell me the new midwife is starting soon, and I will make sure that my next appointments are with her. I did lose 3 pounds, but I pretty much figured that would happen with the stress of Matt’s surgery. Since my measurements were right on target and Tiny’s heartbeat was strong, they weren’t too concerned. Also, I found out that I am a little anemic, but again this is not a big deal since most pregnant women are, or at least borderline. So, I was told to get an iron supplement and I plan on getting that today while on my errands to the medical supply store for Matt.

We also went on our Hospital tour of the maternity ward. Matt was actually able to go with me and I was very excited that he was feeling well enough to do this. I requested a wheel chair so he wouldn’t have to walk so much and it worked out very nicely. I will be birthing at Countryside Mease in their new state of the art maternity ward. It has a level 3 NICU and water birthing rooms. The labor/delivery room was just beautiful and Matt and I were both very impressed with just how nice it was. I can’t believe we’re so close to meeting our little girl. I actually started feeling a little emotional on the tour. In just a couple of months Matt and I will be parents. I feel like the luckiest woman alive!

Great News!!

Great News!!

Many of you know that my husband and his brother own an Allstate Agency called “Tow Insurance Agency.” Well, what you don’t know is that they just got a Premier Agency designation!!! They are the only agency in the Palm Harbor/Ozona/Tarpon Springs area with that designation. What this means is that whenever you click here to find an agent and then type in Palm Harbor or Ozona as the city, they are the first agency to come up.

Congratulations to the Tow Agency!! I’m so proud of them! And, don’t forget to call them if you need insurance! (Tiny needs a new pair of shoes and various other items. LOL!) They write with 8 different homeowners companies in the state of Florida. They also sell car, motorcycle, boat, and life insurance. By the way….you don’t have to live in Florida for them to sell you Life Insurance or other investment products (only auto and home policies need a Florida address).

My favorite things…

My favorite things…

The last couple of days Matt has been recuperating fairly well. Hooray for that! I’ve gotten a real taste of what it will be like to be up all night with a baby. Well, except for the part where Matt is not a baby and I can’t breastfeed him, hold him, or change his diaper to make his pain go away….

Anyway, I’ve had a few minutes to go and get some shopping done and found Orange Fanta Zero! Woo-hoo! Orange Fanta has never tasted so good since I got pregnant but I’ve had to cut down my intake cause it has so much sugar on it. Now I can drink it every day!!!

Also, has anyone tried those little Skinny Cow individual ice creams that are 100 calories?? Another exciting treat for me these days…The Dulce de Leche flavor really is amazing.

And finally, my next favorite thing this week is the birthday present my sister gave me- a Prenatal Massage at the Country club. Hooray for that because I now do the old lady shuffle when I get out of bed or get up from sitting down for too long.

Speaking of back pain, the nurse was here the other day to change Matt’s dressing and she was asking me questions about his various medications, when the conversation turned and went something like this:

Nurse: “Any back pain?”
Me: “Yes, but only when I get up.”
Nurse: “I meant Matt.”
Me: “Oh, no I don’t think so.”
Nurse: “How about edema?”
Me: “Yes, my feet swell pretty bad.”
Nurse: ” Um, no..this one is for Matt, too.”

Oopsie! 🙂