Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones

What I should have done today:

1) Organize drawers in bakers rack
2) Finish laundry
3) Put suitcases in storage closet
4) Mop floors
5) Price carpet for the upstairs
6) Blogged and updated pics on Vegas trip
7) Finished knitting baby blanket

What I have done today:

1) Slept in until 10 am
2) Read a little of “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory
3) Took a nap at 11:30 for a few hours (ok, until 3 pm)
4) Met Matt for lunch around 4 pm
5) Found this hilarious website


6) Came across this little travesty Matt found on the nets:

Um, that would be Wonder Woman’s new 2010 costume which just debuted. And, although I must say that the urban leggings are a bit better than the granny panties that Lynda Carter used to wear…

…I’m not digging it. I mean, as a past wonder roo wearer of the 80’s I ask you this very important question: “How will you make underwear out of the new 2010 outfit???

PS- No, this is not an old pic of me- it is courtesy of the nets!

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