Ok, it’s not that important, but sort of….

Yesterday afternoon, my sister and I were talking and she was saying how her husband does not want them to pierce their (hypothetical) baby’s ears. Her husband thinks it should be the child’s choice when it’s older.

Well, my sister does not like this response because all the little girl babies in our family have their ears pierced. My sister and I both had our ears pierced at just days old. So she says to me, “What does Matt think?”

I laughed and said, “What do you mean ‘what does Matt think’? I never even thought of asking him. I’ve always just imagined my little girl with earrings, right?”

She agrees with me, but it gets me thinking….

So I do what any other pregnant woman on a mission does, and I go to Matt’s office to confirm our baby will have pierced ears (remember, I’m not working and I’ve already cleaned our house about 25 times and done all the laundry, so driving to Matt’s office to ask him a question didn’t seem strange to me).

Let me keep this short and simple and say the conversation went something like this:

Matt: “Well, I don’t know if I want to pierce her ears so young. Maybe we should wait until she’s a little older.”

Me: (shrieking) “What do you mean????? My baby will wear earrings!!!!”

Matt: (scared) “Well, if it’s that important to you then I say we go ahead and do that.”

And after all was said and done, Matt suggested I poll my blog readers and see what they think. For the record, I will at least wait until the baby is 2 months old and had it’s first set of vaccines.

Ok, so what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Off to Vegas with a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!!

  1. Sorry Suzanne, I am with Matt on this one. I say let her decide when she wants them. Plus, I remember how much it sucks to take care of them and I can't imagine having to turn them and put peroxide on them on a tiny baby! Newborns are hard enough, I wouldn't want to add any extra work!


  2. My daughters ears where pierced when she was 7 weeks old. My mom had mine done at the same age. They are really easy to take care of and we never had problems. I just cleaned them right after her bath. I think it's easier when they are younger because they don't touch them or anything and risk getting them infected.If you decide to do just be sure they do them at the same time. We took our daughter to Claire's in the mall and they did them both at once. She cried for a split second but was fine afterward(she cried more when she got shots).


  3. Most of my friends have little girls, and two of them have their daughter's (now 15 months and 17 months- around 10 months or a year when they pierced them) ears pierced. I will share with you that they both have told me that next time if they have a daughter they will either pierce her ears super early, before she's old enough to mess with them, or will wait until she's old enough to take care of them herself. Just passing that tidbit along. I personally won't pierce my daughter's ears until she's old enough to ask, but I understand that it's culturally important to many people so in that instance I'm sure I would do it when they're babies.


  4. I know a lot of people have strong feelings when to pierce a child’s ear. “Let them decide” is being replaced by parental decision when mommy intuition knows, “earlier is better” from either personal or friend’s experiences of unpleasant childhood ear piercing. I think it just depends on your own personal choice whether or not you wish your baby or little girl to have pierced ears. Some feel perceived gender of their child is important while others find it a cultural tradition where all infant girls have pierced ears. Under two months is a perfect age to pierce your dd's ears. We pierced ours at 6 weeks after seeing other babies and little girls with pretty earrings, so I asked our ped. She encouraged me to go ahead and pierce her ears especially when mommy can care for them. I’d say if your’re thinking about it now, then your mommy intuition is telling you now is a good time and I’d follow your heart. If you’d like our ped’s suggestions for moms having their little girls ears pierced, write me an e-mail. Good luck with your decision, but secretly, I think you’ve already made it and it is not a matter of if she’ll have them done, but when. Amy


  5. I've seen two awful things about baby girls with pierced ears. First is when they completely rip through an earlobe-I somehow knew several girls growing up that did that and their parents never had it fixed. So they had torn earlobes. Yipes! The other thing was that because it was done so early and their earlobes were so small, the piercing ended up crooked when they got older. Visibly, noticeably crooked. How do you fix that? I don't think you can.Baby Burch will have hers done when she is old enough to ask (and maybe a bit older than that), but YOU are Tiny's mama and will know when the time is right.


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