25 week Belly Pic

25 week Belly Pic

Here I am in all my glory looking like I’m carrying twins. LOL!

At 25 weeks, everything seems to be going pretty well. I’m staying out of the heat as much as possible and drinking TONS of water. I’ve upped my protein intake (which is really hard for me, but I’m doing it for Tiny’s sake) and kept any swelling I’ve had in my ankles down. Since summer started I’ve been making lots of smoothies with fresh fruit, whey protein and Greek yogurt. they are very yummy and keep me cool. Two perks in one! I feel Tiny move all the time now and I love it. It has taken away a lot of my initial fear now that I can feel her moving around in there all the time. I’m finally starting to really enjoy this pregnancy now!

On Tuesday, I went to see my midwife and heard Tiny’s strong little heartbeat. I just loving hearing her heartbeat- that was the highlight of the day. The bad news was that they seem pretty sure that I have gestational diabetes. I kind of had an inkling this was a possibility because of my insulin resistance, but I wasn’t sure if it would manifest as gestational diabetes (it doesn’t always). Before I had the IVF I was on a glucophage for diabetics, but I went off of them as a requirement of the study we did. Normally, an insulin resistant person would have stayed on the glucophage when they got pregnant, but I did not by circumstance.

So, yeah. They did the preliminary glucose test two weeks ago since I was high risk for it. They determined my blood sugar levels are quite elevated, and now I’m off to the three hour tolerance test tomorrow. Wish me luck! I’m really hoping they are wrong cause they were already talking insulin and I’m just not ready for that, yet!!

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