Tiny’s Room

Tiny’s Room

By popular request, I will post about my inspiration for Tiny’s room. First though, I would like to mention that for some reason I always just imagined I would have boys. So, when I found out we were having a girl (which we are THRILLED about, by the way), I still figured I would just use a gender neutral bedding set.

That is, until I started looking at bedding sets. It didn’t take me long to get pink fever, and now poor Tiny will probably be wearing pink or lavender for the rest of her life, but there could be worse things, I suppose.

I knew from the start that I wanted an animal theme room of some sort. So, when I saw this set, I just new it was perfect.

Who doesn’t love a little girl monkey with a flower in her hair?

Or, cute little girl giraffe’s?

I plan on painting the walls the same color as in this room. Tiny’s room will not have such crazy heavily decorated walls as this one. I like a more simple look.

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