Summer Break Day 1

Summer Break Day 1

Today, I slept in which was a REALLY nice change after having to wake up between 5 & 5:30 am for the last 9 months of school. Actually, “slept in” is kind of an understatement since it was afternoon when I woke up. But, anywho…no one is complaining over here in the Tow house (not me anyway).

I’ve pretty much taken it easy today besides some light cleaning and baking for a graduation party I’m going to tonight. It’s Mexican themed and so of course I didn’t just bake anything. I had to make Mexican themed goodies for my contribution. LIKE:

This Tres Leches dessert I found on the Betty Crocker site:

And, these little Mexican Sombrero sugar cookies I created with frosting, nonpareils, and gumdrops:

By the way, I’ve eaten enough frosting today to put a diabetic into a coma. Again, no one here is complaining about that. Not even Tiny who seems to enjoy her sweets so much I think about them all day.

Also, note the festive aluminum throw away containers I’ve used once again to trash up my creations. What’s a girl with an obsessive love of her Pyrex to do? I’m just too afraid I might lose one at someones house, and even though the rational me knows I can just buy more, the irrational me doesn’t want to buy more, I want the ones I have. I guess some things never change even when you are pregnant and hormonal.

Speaking of being pregnant and hormonal, check out the lengths I’ve gone to to make sure the two men in my house don’t drink the 6 pack of Bud Light Lime I bought for tonight’s Mexican graduation party:

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