School’s out, School’s out….

School’s out, School’s out….

someone let the monkey’s out!

Anyone remember that little ditty? Or actually saying it back in the 80’s on your way out the door of elementary school? I do. I mean, I did say it. And, sometimes I can’t help but think it when the kids leave on the last day of school. LOL!

What’s funny about high school, is that the kids aren’t so inclined to leave right away. I remember being in elementary school and literally tearing up the halls to run out the front door. Same with middle school.

Actually, let’s fast forward to when I’m a teacher because I remember teaching middle school and the kids tearing down the halls to get the hell out of school. But why is it that high school kids aren’t doing that so much? I literally had a conversation that went something like this in the last 5 minutes of school:

Me: “Ladies, please leave immediately after school. The buses are leaving early and the SRO’s will be out and herding you off campus.”

Student: “Why?”

Me: “Because it’s the last day of school and you guys need to go home and enjoy your vacation, not stay on campus.”

Student: “But, I wanted to stay and hang out with some of my friends for a little bit.”

Meanwhile I’m thinking, “Monkey’s go home!!! You have all summer to hang out with your friends!”

As teachers, we all had to stand outside and make sure there was no ruckus/vandalism/fighting on the way out the big gates and literally there are tons of us screaming, “Go Home! Go Home!”

It blows my mind. I spend all school year trying to keep them in class, and the one day I want them to leave early they are all sentimental.

But, I guess that’s no different than myself. Me, I find myself at home today feeling a little sentimental about some of my students who are graduating tonight.

Being a teacher is not always easy and it’s not always rewarding. But, there are some days when you realize that you did make a difference in a child’s life- like today. I feel very proud of my students who are finally graduating tonight. Some had to fight to graduate up until the very last minute- YES, I was involved, all day yesterday, with figuring out if one of my students was going to be able to walk tonight and it turns out she is. I think we all sighed a huge sigh of relief when we realized it was going to happen. And, maybe even shed a tear or two.

So, did I mention school’s out and I’m officially on summer vacation for the next 9 weeks???????? WOO-HOO!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “School’s out, School’s out….

  1. ugh, no fair that you get 9 weeks off! Baby boy will be here in exactly 10 weeks from yesterday! Really need to figure out what to name him!


  2. Oh, I got goose bumps reading the last paragraph! It's so great that you get to have such an impact on so many lives! Enjoy your time to relax and so us some nursery pics/inspiration!


  3. I am so glad that we are on vacation!! Yes, my elementary kids were tearing down the halls to get out of school on the last day!


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