23 week belly pic and more!

23 week belly pic and more!

Ok, I’ve been really behind on updating belly and ultrasound pics. Truthfully, I haven’t even scanned my last ultrasound pics from the anatomy scan, yet. I know! I’ve just had a lot going on with school, and since I don’t have a scanner, I have to go to my mom’s house to do it, and honestly I’ve been too tired to go after school, and during the weekends my mom and I have more important things to do like buy adorable baby girl outfits and baby furniture.

Did I tell you that Tiny has a full wardrobe and furniture and she isn’t even entering this world for like another 16 weeks. Oopsies! Looks like we’re already spoiling this baby before she even knows it. But seriously, I do think she will be the best dressed baby in town, and I’m not exaggerating that either!

Also, she has better furniture than mommy and daddy do. Check it out:

Here is my 23 week belly pic:

I’m actually starting to thin out and look more pregnant rather than fat. That’s a nice change. The fat factor was not doing much for my self esteem.

Overall though, I’ve been feeling great. I feel Tiny move all the time now and I love it. I’m really enjoying this pregnancy more and more now. I don’t really feel sick and tired as much either. another perk! The only thing different now is the acid reflux at night. Sometimes, my legs hurt while I’m sleeping, but I bought one of those pregnancy wedges to put between my legs and I’m hoping that alleviates some of that. I also do the pee pee dance more often than I used to, but I was expecting that.

Yesterday, I bought one of those summer heart monitor things and it was so funny because Tiny HATES it! I mean truly! I couldn’t find the heartbeat all that well because every time I would move the thing around or push down on my stomach she would kick so hard! Once it even moved the monitor so I know she didn’t like it, because she has never kicked that hard, yet!

This afternoon, Matt and I went with my mom to get one of those 3D/4D ultrasounds. It was amazing, and I would recommend to any pregnant mommy. It was so relaxing in the room with music and a nice big couch and big screen tv for everyone to see. Tiny looked so adorable- I love seeing my baby, it makes me SO happy! My favorite thing was that she keeps pointing one of her fingers. It literally looked like she was pointing at us. What a personality she has already!

Here are some of my favorite regular ultrasound pics:

Her perfect little foot:

A side profile:

See! She is pointing!

By the way, we confirmed again that Tiny is a girl. So no question now. She’s a GIRL!!! And that’s a good thing, because like I said, she has a full wardrobe.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a cool 3D pic. I think she looks like Matt. šŸ™‚

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