The sun shines once again!

The sun shines once again!

Well, what do you know! I get to school today and realize that our DCF scores have already been posted on the students’ transcripts. A couple girls came in to check to see if they passed and they all had. This got me curious, so I started checking all the transcripts of the girls who took the tests. Out of 66 tests (even though only 26 girls tested, most of them took multiple tests), 53 tests passed. This means I had a passing score of 80.3%!!!!

Um, first of all I would like to mention that our average passing score (and that of the other schools in our area) has always been around 66%-73%. So, this is a HUGE improvement. Looks like I got all worked up over nothing and that all my hard work this semester really did pay off! I can’t wait to hear how all the other schools did!

To top it all off, today I got a call to go up to the Principal’s office and sign my Professional Certificate (also known as tenure). That means no more contracts for me! The threat of being cut each year has been lessened- unless of course my program numbers drastically go down.

I feel like a weight has been lifted!


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