Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones

What I should have done today:

1) Organize drawers in bakers rack
2) Finish laundry
3) Put suitcases in storage closet
4) Mop floors
5) Price carpet for the upstairs
6) Blogged and updated pics on Vegas trip
7) Finished knitting baby blanket

What I have done today:

1) Slept in until 10 am
2) Read a little of “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory
3) Took a nap at 11:30 for a few hours (ok, until 3 pm)
4) Met Matt for lunch around 4 pm
5) Found this hilarious website


6) Came across this little travesty Matt found on the nets:

Um, that would be Wonder Woman’s new 2010 costume which just debuted. And, although I must say that the urban leggings are a bit better than the granny panties that Lynda Carter used to wear…

…I’m not digging it. I mean, as a past wonder roo wearer of the 80’s I ask you this very important question: “How will you make underwear out of the new 2010 outfit???

PS- No, this is not an old pic of me- it is courtesy of the nets!

We’re back! (and exhausted!)

We’re back! (and exhausted!)

We flew into Tampa around 11:30 pm on Sunday night, which got us home a little after midnight. Needless to say, I’ve been EXHAUSTED the past couple of days. I’m just not over the three hour time change, yet, I guess.

Although I had a fantastic time on our trip (I will probably blog about it tomorrow with some pics), I was ready to go home. 9 days is a long time away from home! I missed my bed, my bathroom, and my cats! Speaking of my little kitties…I must say that one of my favorite things about coming home after a trip is how happy the cats are! Boo and Lily have been super cuddly (Lily is on my lap sleeping as we speak) and I have enjoyed snuggling with them at night while I sleep.

I had a tremendous amount of swelling during the flight and trip. So, although I hate to say this, that was my last trip without kids! My midwife and I both agreed this afternoon that traveling is now over and done with until after the baby is born. I wish I could go with Matt to Illinois in a couple of weeks, though!! 😦

Speaking of my midwife, I saw her this afternoon and confirmed that I do not have gestational diabetes. Yay!! I’ll still be watching my sugar intake anyway, but it’s nice to know that I do not have any complications in this pregnancy. I have been very blessed with that being that the getting pregnant part was quite a complication in and of itself. I am now seeing the Dr. every two weeks now, which is fine with me, because as you all know I love hearing Tiny’s heartbeat. Today it was 151 bpm!!

In the meantime, I have plenty to do this summer! I haven’t really talked much about this, but Matt has a surgery scheduled in a few weeks and Mike is moving out this week. All that combined with getting the upstairs room ready for the baby means no free time for me!!!

But wait! The Top 5 for this week is your Top 5 favorite toiletries and/or cosmetics. What are yours? Mine are:

1) Physicians Formula Mineral Powder Foundation
2) Oil of Olay Complete Moisturizer with SPF
3) Alba Botanica Hibiscus Facial Toner
4) Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hair Wash and Conditioner
5) Chi Silk Infusion

Happy 60th Birthday, Daddy!

Happy 60th Birthday, Daddy!

As you can see, we are having a great time in Vegas!

Yesterday, we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday by pampering him in a VIP cabana at the M casino. The cabana was A-M-A-Z-E-ing!!!! Inside it had a flat screen tv, refrigerator, freezer, safe, telephone, ipod hookup, couch, chair, table with 4 chairs, 2 ceiling fans, a private shower, and a private hot tub!!! And, of course we had our own cabana girl to attend to my father’s every whim. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed his day.

What do you think?

I also went ahead and took my 26 week belly pic there. What better place to have your picture taken than when you are being pampered all day long!

The cabana day was a nice little breather for me. For some reason my allergies have been really bad this trip (I’m guessing it is pregnancy related, because I never get allergies in Vegas). I’ve also had some pretty bad swelling in my feet and ankles from all the walking we’ve been doing. One day at the pool was all it took for the swelling to go down and for me to feel better enough to continue another day of walking today! Honestly, Matt and my parents asked me about 100 times yesterday if I was feeling ok so I must have looked like hell. I apparently was unnaturally quiet for most of that day, but I appear to be rejuvenated again because they stopped asking me that. Tiny also seemed to enjoy her cabana day. She was moving around like CRAZY!!! In fact, this was the first time I was able to actually see my belly move as she moved around inside me. It was very surreal! Both my mom and my sister have been able to feel her move around this time and they were very excited about that.

Last night, my sister and her husband flew in for the second part of our trip. So, we’re off for some more adventures until we leave on Sunday. The only thing I know for sure is on the agenda is a nice steak dinner at Emeril’s Delmonico Restaurant at the Venetian. The last time Matt and I ate there was on our honeymoon, so needless to say I’m very excited to go back again…

Top 5

Top 5

I know I’m in Vegas, but we have free wi-fi here at the house and so I thought I would continue the Top 5 thread for this week.

So this week’s topic is the Top 5 Household Cleaning Products you Love to Use.

I will mention that some of you are going to hate my choices!! They are not all eco-friendly at all, and I’m trying to change this, but I just haven’t found other products I love as much. Don’t massacre me, please!!!!

Ok, my top 5:

1. Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Flushable Wipes
2. Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Toilet Fresh Brush
3. Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bathroom Cleaner
4. Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers
5. Kaboom Foam-tastic

Can you tell I love scrubbing bubbles? And, I can tell from the way it makes my nose hair’s twinge that it’s probably not eco-friendly. Any suggestion for eco-friendly household products that work as well as scrubbing bubbles? I’m kind of hooked on that stuff! LOL!

On a side note, thanks to everyone who responded to my question about piercing Tiny’s ears. I realize it is a cultural thing. Specifically, it’s a Hispanic cultural thing and being that my mom is happens to be Hispanic, this definitely explains why all the little girls on that side of my family have had their ears pierced at just days old. It’s definitely something Matt and I are still talking about, but I definitely agree with many of you who stated that it would be much easier to do it when they are younger so that the little one won’t pull on her ears and cause infections. I appreciate all of your non-judgmental thoughts on this because I realize that this can be a sticky topic for some! And to the commenter named Amy who offered to send me her ped’s suggestions- I would LOVE them! You can email me at

As for Vegas, things are going great! The weather has actually been very nice. Even though the temp is the same as in Florida, it doesn’t feel as hot since it is dry air. There has even been a bit of a breeze which has been a wonderful surprise!!! Yesterday we had a jam packed day and I swelled a little, but it’s all gone today, so I’m hoping that if I eat right and continue to drink water I’ll be able to keep it under control. This is definitely the last trip before Tiny comes, though! The 4 hour flight here was rather uncomfortable on my back and legs and I’m still suffering the consequences!

Hope everyone is well and I’ll update with some pics in the next day or two!

Prayers and Positive Thoughts for my bloggy friends

Prayers and Positive Thoughts for my bloggy friends

Two ladies from a couple of my favorite blogs have some major things going in the infertility world.

Please pray and send positive thoughts to Pundelina’s little eggie: that it becomes an embryo and then a successful transfer.

Also, AmyLynn at New Ute New Year is waiting for her BFP after an insemination.

These ladies have been waiting a long time for their little bundles and need BFP’s asap!

You’re both in my thoughts and prayers!



Ok, it’s not that important, but sort of….

Yesterday afternoon, my sister and I were talking and she was saying how her husband does not want them to pierce their (hypothetical) baby’s ears. Her husband thinks it should be the child’s choice when it’s older.

Well, my sister does not like this response because all the little girl babies in our family have their ears pierced. My sister and I both had our ears pierced at just days old. So she says to me, “What does Matt think?”

I laughed and said, “What do you mean ‘what does Matt think’? I never even thought of asking him. I’ve always just imagined my little girl with earrings, right?”

She agrees with me, but it gets me thinking….

So I do what any other pregnant woman on a mission does, and I go to Matt’s office to confirm our baby will have pierced ears (remember, I’m not working and I’ve already cleaned our house about 25 times and done all the laundry, so driving to Matt’s office to ask him a question didn’t seem strange to me).

Let me keep this short and simple and say the conversation went something like this:

Matt: “Well, I don’t know if I want to pierce her ears so young. Maybe we should wait until she’s a little older.”

Me: (shrieking) “What do you mean????? My baby will wear earrings!!!!”

Matt: (scared) “Well, if it’s that important to you then I say we go ahead and do that.”

And after all was said and done, Matt suggested I poll my blog readers and see what they think. For the record, I will at least wait until the baby is 2 months old and had it’s first set of vaccines.

Ok, so what do you think?

3 Hour Glucose Test done!

3 Hour Glucose Test done!

I’m not going to lie. It was not easy. My arms look like I’m a drug addict because they had to dig around in there to get blood (all 4 times!).

The glucose drink they gave me this time, although WAY more sugary than the last, was a little better, I guess. I mean, it was cold and not orange. But, still….I got the sweats and it was kind of touch and go there for a full hour or so. Luckily, they had a comfort room where I could lie down and meditate so that I would not hurl the glucose drink.Well, it probably helped that the lady came around and probably saw I was green and cheerfully says,

“Let me know if you get sick cause I have to call your doctor and then we have to start all over again.”

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! So, yeah. I closed my eyes and did some heavy breathing and luckily everything stayed down. I really don’t think I can go through that again. Please, GOD, don’t let me go through that again.

Interestingly enough, I learned a whole new meaning for the term “diabetic coma,” They weren’t kidding with that one cause when I closed my eyes to focus on not getting sick I ended up falling asleep. When they tried to wake me up for my next prick I could not open my eyes. I mean, I really couldn’t open my eyes. I even said to the lady, “What’s wrong with me? I can’t open my eyes…” and she promptly replies that this is a typical reaction to the amount of glucose they have given.


Again, the good news is that it is over. I find out the results when I get back from my Vegas Babymoon (aka my Dad’s 60th Birthday Bash).

By the way….I leave for Vegas on Saturday for 9 whole days with my whole family (parents and sister included)!!!! My house is not empty, though, because my brother-in-law still lives with us. So don’t get any ideas!!!! 😉