Worse then I thought…

Worse then I thought…

After months of planning and one-on-one work with students to get them prepared for the state certification tests, I have to say I was very disappointed with today….

It really did go worse then I thought it would.

1) They didn’t set up the cafeteria like they said they would (the State is VERY specific on the test conditions). The cafeteria was pissed that they couldn’t let students in for breakfast, and the teacher in the adjacent room was pissed that we made him turn his video volume down. He actually said, “What the hell are DCF exams anyway, and why does it matter?” Grrr…..

2) 19 of my students (out of 45) did not show up for the exams. 19. 19. 19. As in 42%. And the principal would not let us make an announcement for those that forgot to come- so as not to interrupt classes.

3) For some reason, the teacher I co-teach with did not help me check-in the other 26 that did show. So there I was, by myself, collecting money, writing hall passes, getting their ID’s, and having them sign by their names all at the same time. By myself.

4) Then, I stayed in the class to deal with the other kids that didn’t sign up to take the exams and graded all our big projects, again,, by myself.

5) Did I mention, I barely slept last night and I felt so sick that I barely ate all day?

I think today may have been worse than the vomit debacle of last week, which I haven’t blogged about, yet, because I’ve been so stressed about this Friday coming up.

The reality, no matter how crappy I felt today, is that I have a job. I love my job. I really do love my students (most of the time). And, that I have a good and loving life. So, I’m trying to focus on that. That and the 9 more days left until summer…

But wait! Let’s look at the sunny side of things! One of my students painted me a canvas with abstract flowers and geometric shapes that says, “Open my eyes, teach me how to love.” How sweet is that? She made it for the baby, she said. And a couple others bought Tiny a blanket, some cute outfits, and some crocheted slippers. It was my one touching moment in an otherwise crappy day.

No matter what happens with these stupid certificates, at least I know I’ve touched some of my students in a positive way.

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