A not-so anonymous letter to the A-hole teacher mentioned in my previous post

A not-so anonymous letter to the A-hole teacher mentioned in my previous post

May 28, 2010

Dear Mr. Giant A-Hole Jock Teacher,

I know you think I’m just a little Home Ec teacher and that what I teach isn’t as “important” as football or your social studies class, but you really have some nerve treating me and my program like it has no purpose or importance. I’ll have you know that many parents have told me that if it wasn’t for our program they don’t know if their child would still be in school- as in our piddly little program is the only reason their child hasn’t dropped out of school, yet. I’d venture to say that no one has said that about your very boring social studies class, which by the way, I do deem to be very important if it were taught properly. But, since you show boring video’s every other day, I’m kind of doubting your students are learning anything important.

Oh, and since you asked, DCF stands for the “Department of Children and Families.” The exams you mention are coming from the State of Florida for their certification to teach in a preschool. These tests are proctored by the STATE- not me. So as you can see, I have very little choice on how and when these tests are administered. I am at the mercy of the State and their schedule and their rules.

Also, since we’re on the topic of importance, let’s talk about what’s really going on in our world, outside of football. Can you do that? I know it’ll be a stretch to think about anything other than football for you, but I’ll use easy terms so you can understand. In case you hadn’t noticed, we are kind of in a recession [when the state of the economy declines]. A pretty bad one- one where people don’t have jobs, are losing their homes, and in some cases can’t get food for their families. In fact, I have some students who don’t come to school because they don’t always have transportation [the act of moving someone or something from one location to another] because they can’t always afford gas. Gas, by the way, is derived from petroleum and used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines (like what is found in our cars-those things we drive). This brings me to the largest oil spill in US history that’s going on right now. I don’t want to confuse you though, so let’s just skip that for a moment and go back to money because I don’t think they’ve been able to make any video’s on this oil spill just, yet.

Did you know that people need money in order to go to college? Crazy, I know, but it’s true! Well, some of my students don’t have money to go to college. Actually, one of my students didn’t even have the $7 she needed to take the DCF exams, so I paid for it out of my very own pocket. Know why? Because she really wants to teach in a preschool and when she’s done with all four levels of my course she will be able to do just that, without even going to college. That’s right. My students are employable for more then minimum wage straight out of high school.

Are your students employable straight out of high school for more than minimum wage? What? No, you say? Well, then just shut your damn trap and lower the sound on your video. And don’t worry, I remember we’re neighbors in real life, too. I’ll still smile and nod politely if I see you this summer at the neighborhood pool, you big giant Ass. It’s a little trick I learned back in my ole sorority days. *smile*


Mrs. Tow

PS- You picked on the wrong little pregnant girl. Shame on you for underestimating the wrath of hormones. You really should know better. I’ve met your wife and son…

4 thoughts on “A not-so anonymous letter to the A-hole teacher mentioned in my previous post

  1. Ha! I love it! Very well written, even for "just" a hormonal, pregnant, home ec teacher. =) Keep up the good work you do with your students, you know they appreciate you so much!


  2. Just knowing that he regularly shows videos in his class PISSES ME OF!!! Seriously, and there are some good teachers who are being transferred. UNBELIEVABLE! Who questions other teachers who are giving tests? How RUDE! Giant ass is right…


  3. I am really embarrassed to say that until I read this post (which was great, btw) I had no idea exactly what you taught…I obviously haven't read your blog often enough lol and was often confused about the preschoolers in class with high schoolers….LOL!!!! *blush*


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