The Oil Spill Disaster

The Oil Spill Disaster

I haven’t brought up the recent oil spill because, well, it’s devastating and out of control! I have been very upset about it, though. Especially, with reports around my county of weird smells and so on. Not to mention what a catastrophe it will be when the oil reaches our shore. I really hope it doesn’t because Clearwater Beach happens to be one of my most favorite places to be in the world! I just can’t imagine the damage that’s being done right now around the Gulf. This to me is worse than any “recession” we may be in.

My point here, is that I’ve been thinking of what kinds of things I can do. I have already boycotted BP gas stations. No joke. We were coming back from the beach a couple of weeks ago when my gas light came on (cause I keep forgetting to check it these days since I got pregnant..oops!) and I refused to let Matt stop at the closest station, a BP. Matt was worried we’d be walking home, but I honestly would rather walk home 4 miles than go to any BP station right now.

Since I am interested in helping out the cause and I know others are to, I thought I would share that agencies from the federal government to community groups are requesting volunteers to help with the impact of the Gulf oil spill. Here are some organizations to contact:

•The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is asking for volunteers and donated items as it prepares for injured birds and coastal cleanups. The sanctuary has a drop-off center at 18328 Gulf Blvd. in Indian Shores. Linens, kennels, towels, sheets, detergent, Pepto-Bismol and toothbrushes are needed. For information, call (727) 391-6211 or

•Save Our Seabirds Inc. needs donations of towels and sheets along with volunteers to help at its headquarters, 1708 Ken Thompson Parkway in Sarasota. For information, call
(941) 388-3010 or visit

•Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota is looking for volunteers to register for cleanup efforts. Go to to learn how to sign up.

•To report an oiled shoreline or request volunteer information, call (866) 448-5816.

•To report oiled wildlife, call (866) 557-1401.

3 thoughts on “The Oil Spill Disaster

  1. My hairdresser is collecting all of her cut hair, as well as that of the salon, and sending it to some place where they make mats to soak up the oil because hair soaks up the oil from our scalp.The effects of oil on the beach ecosystems is the next unit of study starting on Monday. I'm teaching the kids first hand how oil affects the wildlife and how it is cleaned and contained and how birds are treated. As much as I am also sick about it, it fits right in with the curriculum, and I don't have to use the Exxon Valdez as an example, which was before they were born. The most important thing we can do for this is to educate our children so they can deal with it and hopefully avoid it in the future.


  2. The oil spill outrages me too. I saw a study yesterday that said with the ocean currents that the oil may not actually come ashore in the gulf, but actually on the east coast of FL. Very interesting. We are headed to FL for memorial day weekend. The dog park at Honeymoon Island better be oil free because I want Molly to be able to play in the ocean!


  3. Sarah- The beaches here so far are oil free as far as I know. I can't believe you'll be so close to me this weekend!!!Jen- You're right. All we can do is educate our future. But, it still sucks! Also, I'm a littlee creeped out about the hair mat thing. Weird! LOL!


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