Hula Hooping Classes!!!

Hula Hooping Classes!!!

One day (about two weeks ago), Matt and I were at the beach and there was this girl who had brought a hula hoop. She would go out by the shore and do her moves and I was, well, jealous! I want to be a hula hooper! She had a great body and I know it had to have been a hell of a workout.

Then, at work yesterday an email came out about hula hooping classes on the beach! What?? I think it’s a sign! Except, I know my big baby bump would get in the way for now, so I’m going to table this notion for post baby and put the details on here for my local friends…

Every Tuesday!
When?: 7 p.m.
Arrive by 6:45 p.m. to get signed in & pick a hoop if you need one. We start at 7:00 p.m.! :o)

Where?: Dunedin Causeway
South side of the causeway by the kayak rentals
How Much?: $10 per person!
Wear comfy clothes & get ready to have FUN while you blast calories!

***side note***
Can you imagine me pulling out my hula hooping skills at a family BBQ? Or better yet, in public at the beach. Ha! I would do it! I would….after a few cocktails (ok maybe 6 cocktails).

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