Counting Down

Counting Down

Not that I am counting (I am, though), but there are only 16 days of school left.


Holy cow! The kids (both big and little) are really bad these days. Just yesterday I had to separate the high schoolers for being giggly during silent reading time. Oh, and did I tell you how it’s been 90 degrees here and that the power went out yesterday….you know what that means, right??? No air conditioning! And since my body temperature has gone up like 10 degrees from being pregnant, that was a real joy. What I mean, is that it was a real joy for my students to be around me….

So now I am counting the days until I can sleep in and hang out in the pool all day. I need a break. And, I need to get my house ready for a baby…

Speaking of which, I registered this past weekend- by the way that was stressful!!! Thanks to Rhiannon and my mom for helping me out, because I was silently (not really silently) freaking out. How can one little human need SO MUCH STUFF!!! How can teenagers afford to have babies? How can anyone afford to have babies?

Since your reading my every word right now, what’s the deal with monitors, bottles, nipples, and pacifiers? I need advice. There are too many to choose from and well I’m too tired to research it. Any suggestions from the veteran mommies? Particularly those of you that breastfed for the bottle/nipple/pacy department. I felt like having a nervous breakdown in the bottle isle at Babies R Us. Yikes!!!! Oh, and diapers….I think I like the G diapers. Any thoughts?? This inquiring mind needs to know asap so I can stop stressing. Thanks in advance! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. I breastfed and tried MANY different bottles (Avent, Dr. Brown's, Playtex, Born Free, etc) for when I pumped. The only kind Holder would take were Playtex Drop-Ins (the ones you have to buy the disposable liners for- bummer, but he never got gas from bottles which was nice), with the latex nipples. I think those nipples felt more like my skin to him. I have several friends whose kids were the same way. We also use Nuk pacifiers exclusively (also only latex). He LOVES them- we're almost on the third size. I was hesitant on using pacis for a while when he was first born bc of nipple confusion, but he never had any trouble. With baby #2 I will use them much sooner.As for the G-Diapers, I have heard some mixed things. We're considering switching to them from 'sposies for Baby #2. Just not sure if I can quite convince Dave to make the jump. But I have a lot of friends who used them and liked them, but others who prefer more traditional cloth.We have a summer video monitor and LOVE it. Had a regular sound only monitor at first, but once Holder started SSTN we got a video because it's so nice to see if he's waking up and will likely put himself back to sleep or if he really needs us (then he stands up). LOVE it!I also recommend the SwaddleMe swaddle blankets, the Fisher Price cradle swing (he hated the Graco swing that only went back and forth- he likes side to side), an infant positioner (Holder wouldn't sleep in his basinett or PNP without one when he was a newborn), and some type of baby wearing device (I prefer BabyHawk mei tai and a ring sling). Dave also chimed in with "burp cloths and lots of 'em." Good luck!!!


  2. I don't think you'll know what bottles/nipples work until baby decides ha! Sad but true! We bought a couple different ones for Brynna and found she like the playtex nurser(like the drop ins) ones the best. Our lactation people recommended the playtex vent-aire as being the best (closest to mom) but Brynna HATED these! She refused to even put them in her mouth (so weird). I would just pick up a couple different one and see which one your baby likes best. We tried 3 different ones before we settled. I don't blame you for having a nervous breakdown. Registering is STRESSFUL!! Now if people will just BUY off your registry you will be good 😉


  3. Thanks for the info, ladies!Aja- I registered for a Summer video monitor! As for the bottles, I also received a bunch of new hand-me-down swaddle blankets from my sister-in-law that I'm going to try out. It didn't work for her babies, but I know others that loved them. Tiff- I think you're right about the bottles. I only registered for three and then I'll see how those works. There are just too many to sort through!!!


  4. Suz-the baby will be the ultimate judge for all that stuff. Register for a little of everything (a few different binkys, a few three packs of bottles) and you'll have to buy whatever she decides she likes. Jack was never picky about bottles (we used Avent until we discovered he had terrible reflux; our ped recommended Dr. Brown's and he took to them) but would only take the pacifier from the hospital (Gumdrops-you can buy them online and in fact, Jack's picture is in their gallery). Everything else made him gag. I have also seen what looks like an amazing contraption called the Nap Nanny (thanks to Jen O'Malley) online and it looks really appealing. Jack's reflux was so bad that he didn't sleep through the night too often until he was really eating baby food–around 7 months or so. He would have slept so much better in that thing.I bought G-diapers before Jack was born and found them to be a pain. I used the BumGenius cloth ones while I was home with him for a while and they are amazing. I recommend the all-in-ones over the one-size simply because you don't have to stuff them. However, if you don't have a front-loading washing machine, you will see your water bill go up with the additional laundry.No need to stress. Veteran moms will give you stuff at your shower that you don't even know you need yet.


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