My new perspective on T.V.

My new perspective on T.V.

Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I’ve found that many of my favorite shows and some commercials actually make me cry now.

I’m emotional anyhow, but once I started crying for Tori & Dean (only when Patsy comes on!!) I knew it was pregnancy hormone and not me.

Last night I cried while watching my DVR’d Private Practice from Thursday night. Dell! No!!!

Today, I’m catching up on a DVR’d Housewives of New York and I’m laughing hysterically. It’s one of the few shows that still make me laugh and not spontaneously break into tears. Ok, but seriously…I made no secret of the fact last year that I couldn’t stand Kelly. Now, this year I thought I could’ve been wrong about her. I thought maybe last year she was just portrayed really badly for reality t.v. drama sake, but I realize now that my first assessment of her was correct. She really is just an idiot.

Some of my favorite stupid lines include:

“Feelings are so 1979..”

Hmmm…last I checked I still had feelings as of 2010. I guess I’m just not that trendy. Oi!

“You’re making lemonade out of lemons……it can also mean you are making something bigger than it should be.”

I think she meant “making a mountain out of a molehole”??

What a Genius! Me thinks Bethenny is right. Kelly must have gone to Mickey Mouse University. There is no other explanation for her stupidness. Except maybe she takes stupid pills? Just a thought….

2 thoughts on “My new perspective on T.V.

  1. That is too funny! I think once you have had you stay a little more emotional! I too cry when Patsy comes! I was just watching the Real Housewives yesterday and Kelly is truly insane. Seriously where does she come up with this stuff! I love the whole, I only eat organic, non processed foods, yet she loves gummy bears!


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