What you’ve been waiting for (or some of you, anyway)

What you’ve been waiting for (or some of you, anyway)

So, the time has come for the big reveal. All our family and close friends already know, but I’m now ready to reveal to the Internet (and the rest of the world) our big news.

FIRST, I will mention that the whole drinking of 32 ounces of water 1 hour before the ultrasound is the world’s worst kind of torture you could ever impose on a pregnant lady. I can’t hold 32 ounces of water for an hour even when I’m not pregnant. But, since I really wanted to know Tiny’s gender I bit the bullet and went for it only to find out what I already knew and that’s that I have a really small bladder. I started drinking water by 1 pm. My appointment was at 2:30, but I had to be at the office by 2:15. By 1:40 I already was feeling close to an emergency urge to go pee. By 2 pm I could barely concentrate long enough to drive and I told Matt to stop talking to me, it was just too much. By 2:15, I was practically in tears. So, by the time the ladies in the office saw me I was in an emergency state and they had to let me go relieve myself before I had an accident in the waiting room. No worries, we still saw Tiny’s “money shot.”

The good news is that Tiny has all the necessary organs. I saw the stomach, 2 kidneys, a 4 chamber heart, the diaphragm…I also so two arms, two legs, two feet, a nice long spine, ribs, a head, and 5 fingers on each of Tiny’s hands. Everything was there and perfect!! I was so relieved to see all of Tiny’s body parts and organs- and that they let me pee so I could enjoy all of this. Tiny is also measuring a full week ahead with a heartbeat of 158 bpm. So, they moved my due date up to Sept 29. Making me 20 weeks pregnant now!

I have ultrasound pics, but haven’t had a chance to scan those, yet. I will update with that soon.

Since I forgot last week, here is my 18 week pic:

and 20 week pic (notice my new mom bob):

And because I’ve teased you enough, here is the pink or blue filled cupcake before:

And after:

Tiny’s a GIRL!!!!

8 thoughts on “What you’ve been waiting for (or some of you, anyway)

  1. Congratulations on the baby girl!! I love the cupcake idea. Your hair looks super-cute, and of course the belly too. =)


  2. Congrats! Girls are awesome. Seeing all those parts on the ultrasound is like the world's biggest sigh of relief. So happy for you guys.


  3. I just knew it! (doesn't everyone say that though? Ha!)Congrats and welcome to team PINK!! Hooray for baby girls! You will LOVE it (although it gets kind of expensive because girl things are SO CUTE!) ;-)Love the new look mama!


  4. It was great talking to you last night. You look adorable! Love the bump and the new 'do. Congratulations… so happy for you and little GRIL!


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