Cinco de Mayo Surprise!!

Cinco de Mayo Surprise!!

The time has finally come….this Wednesday we are finding out the sex of Tiny Tow!

Can you believe it? I can’t. I really can’t. But, I’m extremely excited and so is Matt. This is really going to make things real once Tiny has a name.

Here’s the stats so far…

My mom wants a girl but thinks it’s a boy.
My dad wants a boy.
Matt wants a girl and thinks it’s a boy.
I think it’s girl and I want whatever God gives me.
My sisters thinks it’s a boy.
My nieces all want a girl.
My father-in-law wants a boy.
My mother-in-law thinks its a girl.
Greek Grandma thinks it’s a boy.
The guy at the pier who sells the cool little lamps thinks it’s a boy.
My favorite potty trainer at school thinks it’s a girl.

FYI- even though I find out on Wednesday, my bloggy friends won’t know until Monday or Tuesday of next week!

I’m making cupcakes filled with either blue or pink icing for Wednesday night after Turkey Tacos to surprise my parents. I’m having a cake made with a blue or pink icing filling in Illinois for our Tow family to have this weekend. Until the family knows I won’t be making any posts on this site regarding Tiny!

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