From the mouths of Babes…

From the mouths of Babes…

I was taking my favorite little potty trainer to the restroom when he says,

“Mrs. Towel, where is your baby?”
Me: “It’s right here in my belly. Do you see it?”
Cutest Potty Trainer Ever: “Yes. I think it’s a girl.”
Me: “You do?”
Cutest Potty Trainer Ever: “Yes, and her middle name can be Rose, like my baby girl at home.” (he has a baby sister named Maggie Rose!)

There’s also a group of little ones that have decided that I am not having a baby and actually get angry when you tell them that I do. LOL.

In other news, I’m 100% positive that I’m feeling Tiny move! I especially feel it in the mornings when I’m waking up and while I’m driving. So, I think this means I have an early riser, since I wake up in somewhere in the 5 0’clock hour. Yikes!!! Anyhow, I’m a dork, so you know I’ll be recording movement pretty soon here. Ya, I know.

3 thoughts on “From the mouths of Babes…

  1. I felt Holder move (the first time I was sure it was movement) at 18 weeks, so I'm sure you're feeling it. It's great, huh? I always love feeling my babies move, even when they get big and are cramped in there. I started feeling this baby at 9 weeks!!! It moves all the time!


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