Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!

Mike woke me up from a nap, yesterday, insisting there was a girl at our door with girl scout cookies I ordered.

Conversation went like this (cause I was so tired and didn’t feel like going downstairs):

Me: “I didn’t buy girl scout cookies, Mike.”
Mike: “Well, she says they are for you.”
Me: “Well, she must be confused, I didn’t buy cookies.”
Mike: “I don’t know, she said she has cookies for you.”
Me: “I didn’t buy cookies, this year.”
Mike: “Why don’t you go talk to her.”
Me: “Fiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeee (sigh)”

And, guess what? There were no girl scout cookies for me downstairs, although I almost started to feel excited at the possibility I may have forgotten to buy some, cause they were sounding kind of good…

No, instead there stood my 11 year old niece from Illinois standing at the door! Yep! Mom and Dad Tow and our two nieces came up from Illinois to surprise us for Matt’s birthday coming up! How awesome is that?? So, we’re on our way to the beach today to spend some time with them. What a wonderful birthday
surprise for Matt! 🙂

One thought on “Holy Cow!

  1. I hope they came bearing Girl Scout cookies, because that's just cruel to do to a pregnant lady (although if no GS cookies, the Edy's Samoa ice cream is perfectly acceptable. Can you tell I'm out of ice cream?) 🙂


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