16 week Belly Pic

16 week Belly Pic

I’ve definitely popped out in the last couple of weeks!

I can’t tell you how nice it is too finally look more pregnant, rather than fat. I know I’m vain, but the weight gain has not been easy for me to handle. I’ve never weighed this much in my life, and although it’s all for the baby, I can’t help but feel a little insecure about my new “womanly” body and the rubbing sensation I now feel between my thighs. Bleh!

Things have been pretty good pregnancy wise. I can finally stand going to the grocery store without running to the bathroom.

Speaking of food, I’m loving dairy these days. I crave it like crazy. Normally I’m lactose intolerant, but not so much while I’m pregnant. So, it’s like the flood gates have opened and I eat ice cream multiple times a day. This isn’t helping with the weight gain or the bigger butt and thighs. But, I seriously can’t help it! It’s really not a choice for me. I HAVE to eat it or I obsess and think about it to the point where I can’t sleep or eat anything else.

We find out in exactly two weeks whether or not Tiny is a girl or a boy. Although, I have to say that one of the Greek grandmothers picked up her granddaughter from the preschool and advised that she is 100% sure I’m having a BOY- and she should know, because she’s had 3 she told me. Plus, if you know Greek grandmothers, they are all pretty much right, so this will be interesting. To be honest, I’ve felt from the very beginning that Tiny is a GIRL. So, now I’m confused. I’m not going to argue with a Greek Grandma. You wouldn’t either if you had or knew one…

At 16 weeks, I:

-love ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!

-have heart burn and indigestion like CRAZY!

-am feeling lots of twinges and pulls around the uterus area (stretching ligaments?)

-have a new belly guard, named Lily (our cat), who enjoys sleeping right around my belly at night

-drench myself in lotion now that my belly is getting bigger because I’m terrified of stretch marks!!

-cry at stupid shows like Tori and Dean (yeah, don’t even get me started!)

Courtesy of 3d Pregnancy:

Your baby is already mugging for the camera as she practices all sorts of facial expressions, such as squinting, yawning and grimacing, which will come in handy when you introduce her to pureed spinach. Check out what else is happening in utero:

You’re just getting comfortable with being a new mom, but you’re actually on the road to being a grandma. If your baby is a girl, her uterus is fully developed and the ovaries already hold primitive egg cells. Did that just make you feel a thousand years old, or what?

Your baby’s skin is still translucent and wrinkly, not unlike an old man’s, but more fat will soon accumulate under the dermas to plump her out. If you could peer inside right now, you’d be able to see all of her veins under her skin. And speaking of veins, your baby’s heart now pumps about 25 quarts of blood per day, and she hasn’t even seen Orlando Bloom yet! Also, her eyes are now locked and loaded at their final destination, facing forward rather than to the sides. (Whew!)

This is the week women get an amniocentesis, if their doc recommends it. In addition to supplying doctors with a boatload of info about the baby’s health, amnios are also more than 99 percent accurate in determining what version of baby you’ll be having. So if you want to know and you’re getting an amnio, now’s a great time to find out for sure.

Your baby weighs about 3 ounces this week and measures between 4 and 5 inches, about the length of your mascara.

5 thoughts on “16 week Belly Pic

  1. You look so cute! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks until you find out!! I am so excited! I totally thought Ty was a girl too!


  2. Mrs. Towe your pregnant!What a cute little baby bump. I look forward to finding out if Tiny is a boy or a girl. I voted Boy because you are carrying much like I did with Jake and how my neice is carrying with her little boy.


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