The latest and greatest dream (plus a little plug)

The latest and greatest dream (plus a little plug)

These days I’ve had to purchase some good ole granny panties (tmi, I know). But, well, I feel kind of a mixture of emotions about this. Has anyone read “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy? She has a chapter that perfectly describes my feelings on this, but really it’s a mixture of insecurity and comfort.

You know….I feel like an old lady and very unsexy wearing them, but at the same time they feel like heaven!

My point is that I had a dream about them. In my dream I went to go visit an old and favorite teacher of mine. I sat on her sofa and we watched a little bit of the news while we talked and caught up. When I got up we were looking for the remote to turn off the tv. We couldn’t find it. And then, all of the sudden, I feel it in my underwear! Yes! It was caught on the edge of my big ole granny panties. *sigh*

Since I’m already embarrassing myself talking about my big granny panties, let’s go ahead and mention that my gigantic boobs don’t fit in my bras anymore. So, I went over to Stellies Bellies (a new maternity/baby consignment on 19 in Palm Harbor) hoping to find (not other peoples underwear) but maybe a jog bra or something until I got the guts to go into a store and get fitted. Anyway, I met Stella, the owner. What a sweetie! She really got to get to know me and when I told her I worked at Tarpon High she gave me stacks of $5 off coupons for any of the teens that may be pregnant or just had a baby. She also told me to call her if I have specific students, because she always has extra clothes that she can’t sell that she likes to give away to people in need. How awesome is that! I’m always in awe of just how amazing and giving people are. So, I just wanted to take the time to plug Stellies Bellies for any of my local blogger friends. (I can maybe hook you up with a couple of coupons, too) 🙂

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