I’m also Dr. Suzie (the OB/GYN kind)

I’m also Dr. Suzie (the OB/GYN kind)

For the past two months I have seriously questioned whether a girl in my class is pregnant or not, but I wasn’t sure if I should ask. She was in this questionable weight gain phase (you know- the fat or pregnant stage) and I didn’t want to embarrass her. Plus, the worst thing anyone can do is ask you if you’re pregnant when your not and merely just gaining weight.

BUT, I asked her today anyway because, well, I’m a teacher and it’s my duty in a way to keep my students safe and get her the resources she needs if she is. So, I bit the bullet, I called her up to my desk and very quietly asked her if she was.

She looked at me red in the face and very calmly told me “No.”

So, I told her it was ok if she was and I apologized if I embarrassed her. I told her it was hard to tell with her sweater bunched up in the front the way it was. I just wanted to make sure that she wasn’t doing any heavy lifting of the preschoolers and such and then again apologized for being mistaken.

But, when she walked away, something told me she was lying. I mean I could’ve been wrong, but my intuition told me I wasn’t. And, my intuition was right.

Later after class she gave me a note and asked me to read it in private.

Her note explained that she is 25 weeks pregnant and just found last week- which is why she was absent most of the week. She had to got to her doctor a few times to catch up on tests and things.

25 weeks pregnant!!!

Ok, honestly (I’m not even kidding in the slightest) I told Carol, the teacher I co-teach with, two months ago that I knew she was pregnant.

She could have to me for free and I would have diagnosed her then as pregnant. Crazy!!!

2 thoughts on “I’m also Dr. Suzie (the OB/GYN kind)

  1. Wow! If you her teacher could figure it out, I wonder why her own parents didn't. Positive vibes for her as she will need all the positivity and help she can get.


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