A Teenagers perspective on IVF

A Teenagers perspective on IVF

I had a book chat today with my students. Every Monday, we read books for about 15-20 minutes. These are always books about kids who are going through something- abuse, Tourette’s, pregnancy, eating disorders. Afterwards, I had one of my students talk about her book, hence a book chat.

She’s reading “My Sister’s Keeper” and her book chat went something like this…

“Well, I’m only like 69 pages in so I haven’t read that much but I like it even though I know other people don’t like it because it’s different from the movie, but I like that it’s different. So the little girl has been diagnosed with something. There are a lot of medical terms in here, so if you don’t like that than you maybe shouldn’t read this book. But, there is a lot of drama with the family because the little girl is sick and her parents are doing that thing to get a baby. The doctor like injected a baby in her, oh, um, ivf or something. It’s another medical term, I’m not sure….”

I guess, technically she isn’t wrong. My doctor did use a big long catheter to “inject” my baby in me….I did laugh though, and had to bite my cheek from actually laughing hysterically.

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