Strange Boobie Dream

Strange Boobie Dream

Last night I had the strangest of all strange dreams….

In my dream, I was pregnant and visiting a cousin of mine with my parents and sister (Elaine- Pandi & Glenn, but Patrick was still a baby and uncle Rob was there). At some point I started to feel uncomfortable in the boob area, so I went into the bathroom to take a look.

I walk into the bathroom and lift my shirt up to check it out. It looks like I’m leaking milk. So, I grab one of my boobs and squeeze. A small hose retracts from nipple and milk shoots out. Uh-huh.

So I grab the other one and do the same thing- similar hose pops out about an inch and milks shoots out. So, I do it again on each side for good measure just to make sure it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t, so I decide all is well.

Dream ends.

Hmmm….I wonder if anyone here is a little anxious about breast feeding???

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