A Single Standard for All Schools??? No way!!

A Single Standard for All Schools??? No way!!

This is for my teacher friends and readers…

I read a most interesting article here about creating a single National standard for education. What??!!! Genius! Except, I’ve already thought about this idea a long time ago…..

Snarkiness aside, I think this is a move in the right direction. I’m not an Obama fan but since his administration is the one that’s endorsing it I will say,

“Bravo, Obama. Nice move!”

Did you see the part about Texas? (Jen O. I’m talking to you!)

“Alaska and Texas are the only states that declined to participate in the standards-writing effort. In keeping his state out, Gov. Rick Perry argued that only Texans should decide what children there learn.”

That just sounds Texan, doesn’t it? LOL! That did kind of make me quirk a bit.

Seriously though, I’m excited that there have been some major moves towards improving education nationwide. And, I’m proud to say Florida (who doesn’t always make the best education decisions) is starting to lay the groundwork to do this. Yessssssss!! Finally! Maybe I’ll get a raise now?? Yea, wishful thinking, I know!

One thought on “A Single Standard for All Schools??? No way!!

  1. You called me out so I had to read it!It was a very interesting article. I don't see it playing out in real life, since our state standards are all over the map, and so much money would have to be shelled out for new textbooks, trainings, etc.I agree with the state that said they didn't want to lower their standards to a certain point, though. I have to deal with that enough in the school/district I teach at. I teach at the most affluent school in our district, and our curriculum is often geared toward the low-income schools. Meaning, if I taught my kids just by what the district wanted me to, my kiddos would be bored to tears every single day. I think it's one of those educational practices that is great in theory, and if the right teachers practiced it, our kids would go far. I just don't see it playing out that way.


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