Cake #1= Success!

Cake #1= Success!

I did it! I decorated my first “pretty” cake!

FYI- it was not easy!!

Ok, I admit that when I left the first class I was a little cocky. Truthfully, the teacher made it look super easy so when I got home I was all, “I can do that!” Well, I barely did it. And, I learned a few lessons.

Lesson #1: I need a stand mixer. I LOVE my kitchenaid hand mixer, but making the butter cream frosting from scratch with it is TORTURE. My arm is still aching. Seriously. I’m not kidding in the slightest right now. The problem here is that I’m a kitchenaid snob. So, I can’t just get any stand mixer. Looks like I’ll be using my little hand mixer until I can fit the other one into my budget.

Lesson #2: Don’t eat the frosting while your making it. Of course I ran out before I finished icing the base of my cake. So, I had to run it a little thin and that means my cake didn’t look perfect. I like perfect, so that was annoying. But, the icing was good.

Lesson #3: Those decorator bags and tips are harder to use than they look. They require a lot of arm strength. This is bad if your arm is already sore from making icing for an hour earlier that day. Refer back to lesson #1.

Before I show you my cake, I would like to confess that I pulled a last minute switch-a-roo. I had fully intended in making a cute little penguin cake. Unfortunately, once I started making the icing and trying to ice the damn cake, I realized it was hard. I kept feeling like I was going to pass out and I had a little melt down. So, I needed a much simpler design. Therefore, I chose a simple strawberry design in honor of the strawberry festival going on.


Not too bad, for my first time, I don’t think. Not quite how I imagined, but it’s cute and looks edible and that’s good enough for me!

Tomorrow night, my parents are coming over to help us eat the cake. The cake itself is a white cake with a strawberry filling. Yum!

I made the strawberry filling with sliced fresh Florida strawberries from Plant City and a little strawberry glaze.

Which brings me to this little tip I thought I’d share with you for making an awesome cake with a box cake mix….ready?

1) Use one more egg than the box calls for (and always use whole eggs unless it’s an angel food cake)

2) Add one small box of pudding mix that corresponds with your cake flavor.

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