So excited!

So excited!

For a while now, we’ve been planning a 60th birthday party for my dad (happening in June). My dad was in the air force and a Vietnam vet, so we want to make it very special for him. One of his most favorite places in the world, like me and Matt, is Vegas. So guess where we’re going in June??

Yep. You guessed it. Exactly one year later, Matt and I are back in Vegas. Only this time, we’re doing Vegas much differently! My dad rented a HUGE house that sleeps 11 (I can’t remember if there are 4 or 5 bedrooms). It has a pool/hot tub and a pool table! The best part is that my whole family is going. We haven’t been on a vacation together since our wedding (which was also in Vegas, LOL!) Before then, our last family vacation was before either my sister and I were married when we went to Venezuela in 2006 for my Uncle’s wedding. And then there was the cruise in 2003 (which I still have a mixture of dreams and nightmares about)… Oh wait! There was a quick weekend trip to Marathon Key in 2006 for my Dad’s 56th birthday…

My point is that it’s been a while. And, I’m super excited!!! Only like 103 days to go before the big trip!

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