Just call me Chef Suzie

Just call me Chef Suzie

I know I used to teach cooking classes, but one thing I’ve always wanted to do is take a cake decorating class. Not to toot my own horn, but I actually do make good tasting cakes. The problem, is that they are not always “good looking” cakes. Know what I mean? I could probably go back in my archive of cakes and show you a few doozy’s worthy of being on cake wreck’s, but I’ll spare you and myself the embarrassment.

Instead, let’s talk about my first night in class! Like, how fun it was, how much I loved it, and how excited I am to ice my first cake next week!! Only problem is, is that I need to choose a 2-dimensional design to frost my cake with by next Tuesday. Any ideas? Here’s what I’m thinking…

A Monkey Face similar to this:

Or, maybe a Penguin? It has been chilly out lately…

And then there’s this cute cartoon kitty!

What do you think?


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