I can be a real idiot sometimes…

I can be a real idiot sometimes…

I’ve been working on an online class as part of I grant I received from the DOE. Today was our presentation in which we had to use a share application to present to the class via a microphone. Anyhow, I messed up with the share application so everyone could see my desktop- the ultrasound pic. Then, they saw all my favorites as I tried to sign on to my online class. You know, things like “Easy Rum Cake Recipe,” “Bum Genius,” “Facts about your embryos,” “Fertility Friend,” “Managing Infertility,” and “Pregnancy Week by Week.”

Ha! A lot you can tell from someones computer desktop. Needless to say I got a lot of comments. Oopsie…

Also, on a whole other note I need to take another moment to complain. I can’t do it on my public site, so you all get the honor. Hopefully, this won’t turn into the Junior League debacle, where I complained and they found out…

Anywho, I co-chair a committe at school with another teacher. She emailed to let me know that next year she won’t be able to chair the committee because she is going to be a graduate assistant as part of her PH.D program. So, I respond something like “Hmmm…Mr. XXX will be surprised because I’m going to talk to him in a couple of weeks about not doing it next year, also.” My mistake…

Fast forward a few days later to Thursday when we have a meeting. She sits down next to me and says, “Oh, I spoke to Mr. XXX and told him niether one of us can help out with the committee next year and that he’ll need to find someone else.”

Um, hmmm…Last I checked I was responsible for my own professional decisions. So, yeah- I was pissed that she was so unprofessional that she would actually speak for me. So I say, “Well, I was going to talk to him myself a few weeks from now.”

She gives an astounded look and says, “Suzanne, so are you going to do it next year or not? I mean, if you aren’t I already took care of it.”

Ah….let’s just say I had to hold back a slur of curse words. It baffles me that someone can be so uncouth. And, well to be honest “uncouth” is the nicest thing I can say about her right now.

**Rebecca, I know you know who this is. Lips sealed, please. 🙂 Oh, and sorry if she’s your friend and I offended you!

3 thoughts on “I can be a real idiot sometimes…

  1. Uncouth is such a fabulous word – I’m going to be using it a ton. It is totally amazing how unprofessional people can be. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just in schools or all over.


  2. Suzanne,Lips are SEALED! And- “friend” is not the word I would use. Reluctant acquaintance is much more fitting.This same girl had the nerve to talk to my teaching partner about my “situation” and inquire about if and when I was trying again! That really pissed my off. In fact, my blog post “Rotten” is about her. When I see her, I literally avoid her gaze as well as any sort of conversation with her, because I find her to be arrogant, deceptive, and rude. That was completely unprofessional of her! I am disgusted!!!


  3. Jen- I like uncouth, too. It just sounds good. LOL!Rebecca- so happy to hear that you feel the same way towards her as I do! I was reluctant to post because I didn’t want to offend you, but I had to vent. I actually really can’t stand her to the core. I just don’t find her to be a good person, which is a terrible thing to say, but those are my feelings. She makes me want to vomit. Working with her this year has been a struggle for me to say the least!


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