Back to the Beginning, part 4

Back to the Beginning, part 4

I remember exactly the day we decided to start trying for a baby. It’s almost like a dream now, but still very vivid. On Labor Day weekend 2007, we found out that Matt’s sister was pregnant. Jennifer got married 6 weeks before us that summer. Everyone was so excited for her since she had been wanting this for so long. At that time, Mat and I had decided that I should go off the pill to get my body ready to start trying in the spring of 2008. We thought it would be amazing if our kids could be close in age to Jennifer’s kids.

On October 13, we went to a Bucs game. Afterwards, we were heading to a friends 30th Birthday dinner in Tampa. I remember it was dark and we were tired. Since Matt had a couple of beers at the game, I was driving us to the party. I remember sitting in the driver’s seat at a light in front of the stadium feeling twinges of my period coming on thinking, “I don’t want to wait until next year…”

So, I just I blurted it out. Matt looked at me kind of funny, and said, “Ok.” The rest is history.

Two weeks later we started “trying.”

to be continued…

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