Sick, sick, sick

Sick, sick, sick

Sorry, I haven’t blogged lately. Matt gave me a doozy of a cold? I’m not sure it was a cold. It felt like the flu on Saturday…

So, what I was going to blog about was our trip to the State Fair. Matt has taken me every year for Valentine’s Day since we first started dating! Wouldn’t you know, it happened to be one of the nicer days this winter and it was packed!! It was seriously a crazy day.

Highlights include:
1) Matt (as usual) won me the largest animal at the fair!
2) I actually won something this year! A pretty ruby and crystal vase at this strange Bingo like game where you throw these crazy bouncy balls into holes and hope to get them into a line.
3) I ate the most wonderful roasted corn on a stick, and chicken on a stick, and fried twinkie on a stick.
4) Strange argument between a fair-goer and the trolley driver that I can’t describe now, but it was pretty funny.

Speaking of fried food on a stick…(side note- I LOVE fried food on a stick, but thankfully I only eat it once a year at the fair, or this would be detrimental).…they had two new fried food choices that even made me, the fried food lover, cringe.

The first one is Deep Fried Butter. Yes, you heard right. Deep Fried Butter. I honestly think you are suicidal if you decided to eat these. And, I do not take suicide lightly so I’m really not kidding when I say that these are fried death balls.

The second one is just as revolting- Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers. Some of these even have bacon on them, also. I think we can all agree that this is the most unhealthy burger you could eat, and well, just another heart attack in waiting. Well, I’ll let you decide for yourself…
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One thought on “Sick, sick, sick

  1. Haha, more of the fried food on a stick debate. I love it! I ate the roasted corn too, it was yummy! My husband said he saw chocolate covered bacon… but I don't know if he was lying. LOL


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