I’m doing the impossible

I’m doing the impossible

On Monday night, Matt was all cry baby saying he didn’t feel good. I touched his forehead and he felt fine, but of course in true manly fashion he was acting like he was dying. I went ahead and got the thermometer and took his temperature. Turned out he did have a little bit of a fever after all. Oops!

I think God got me back for giving Matt a hard time by giving me my own stuffy nose, headache, and sore throat the next day. And, I still have this stupid cold.

So, yesterday I forced myself to Ash Wednesday mass, even though I felt terrible. In my sickly haze I decided to give up chocolate for lent.

What??? Am I crazy??

I’m kind of regretting that decision this morning. Almost everything I eat has chocolate in it- including my morning granola bar. What was I thinking?

Any one else give up something difficult?

4 thoughts on “I’m doing the impossible

  1. I'm giving up soda and Starbucks and after the weekend caffienne in general. It's kicking my butt this morning. I woke up with the worst headache and now I'm relying on Excedrine with the extra caffiene to stave it off while I try to teach 4th grade. Maybe I should have just given up 4th grade.


  2. I decided to do something instead of giving something up. I set up a work out schedule and a blog so I feel accountable to do the work outs I plan to.


  3. We are catholic so we don't celebrate Lent. But our church does do 3 weeks of prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year. We gave up soda, which was really hard at first but after awhile it got easier. And now I actually think we broke the habit, I don't buy them anymore and only drink them when we are out. Good luck giving up chocolate! That's a tough one.


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