My real-life Valentine Story

My real-life Valentine Story

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When we got back from our honeymoon, we had just one week to move in to our new place. It was such an exciting time. I felt like I had waited for this moment my entire life- like in a storybook…

Meet Prince Charming, fall in love, get married, and then get carried over the threshold of your new home.

Ok, Matt did not carry me over the threshold. But, we talked and joked about it and then decided it probably wasn’t necessary.

I had just a few days to unpack before my new teaching job started at Tarpon. So, my mom and I dove head first getting everything of mine out of storage and into it’s proper place in my new home with Matt.

Matt and I had a very small destination wedding with family only. So, the night of our wedding we had opened all of our wedding gifts from family, and then put them in a suitcase back to Florida with my mom. She brought them to the house that day we moved in- along with a trunk of items I had inherited from my late grandmother.

We started to move the trunk upstairs to the finished attic storage space we have, but it just seemed too heavy. We made it to the landing when we remembered there was china in there. So, we sat right there on the landing and began unpacking it. It was a surreal moment. I had been so close to my grandmother. I hadn’t even looked in the trunk for the two years she had been gone. It was just too difficult. But, as we opened the trunk and went through its contents, it felt like she was there with us. Like she was sharing in my moment of finally growing up and moving on to the next step of adulthood. She was there.

My mother and I reached our hands in and pulled out items one by one- slowly remembering them and relishing in the memories of my Granny. On one end of the trunk, there was a small box with something wrapped in newspaper. I slowly pulled it out and unwrapped its contents. It was a beautiful vintage red crystal wine glass. In the box there were 5 others like it. It was so symbolic of Granny. Her favorite color was red and I had purposely chosen red as one of my wedding colors in her memory. It was just perfect and familiar…

Matt’s own Grandmother had given us a set of red vintage wine glasses as a wedding present. I ran over to the suitcase of wedding presents threw it open and looked for Grandma Hunnicutt’s gift. There in another small box was a set of 6 identical red vintage wine glasses. Identical…

My mother and I sat in silence and matched up the 12 identical glasses. They were the same color, the same size, they had the same emblem on the bottom. They were the exactly the same.

Matt’s Grandma Hunnicutt had set aside these glasses for him many years prior for his wedding day. My Granny’s glasses had been set aside for me when she passed away in 2005 (the morning after I met Matt). It was like it was meant to be. The glasses were now one set. Just as Matt and I had meshed two lives into one- together in love.

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