Mean Girls

Mean Girls

Anyone read this article on yahoo today??

As a sorority girl I, of course, found it very interesting and feel the need to comment on it.

My comments: What the hell? (and) Give me a break!

Why is there always that one bad apple in the group that seems to ruin it for the rest? I can personally say that although being in a sorority wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, it certainly wasn’t degrading.

Let me tell you about my experience in Phi Mu.

1) All of my closest friends to this day are my Phi Mu sisters.
2) I lived in a safe mansion for three years of college where I had cleaning ladies, a cook, and a house mom who watched over us.
3) I was sometimes given fashion suggestions, but that’s all it was suggestions. Those suggestions have made me the professional well-put together lady that I am today.
4) I learned many valuable people and professional skills which have helped me to progress very well professionally.

That being said, I was around 100-150 girls fairly regularly. So, yes there were silly cat fights and such. But, there is NOTHING that I regret and NOTHING that made me feel I was doing anything (or being treated) maliciously.

I’m proud to be a Phi Mu and sorority girl! If I have a daughter and she decides to pledge a sorority I will happily help her fulfill her dream. We are women who make our own decisions. Those girls mentioned in the article are idiots for letting themselves get treated that way.

One thought on “Mean Girls

  1. I had to laugh when I read this article. Another instance of things taken out of context. To begin with, the guidelines were for rush week only. The only week of the sorority school year when girls were required to dress in a particular fashion. Additionally, the writers of the article have clearly never been to a college and seen the way some girls choose to dress. At colleges, people come from all over the country and have very different ideas about things like "cocktail attire". Furthermore, one of the goals of a sorority is to help young women better themselves and become ladies, and while the wording on quite a few of the guidelines was tacky, they do bring up a few good fashion areas for which young women often need guidance. Having been to weddings and bridal showers in which people were wearing jeans, I can't help but wish everyone was given a little fashion guidance now and then! And if not for articles like this, what would people have to say about sororities? Good, positive things.


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