3 thoughts on “Menu Monday

  1. You weren't at the fair in Tampa were you? I was there over the weekend visiting my sister. I've never seen so much fried food… on a stick no less! LOL. Hope you had fun!-Jenn


  2. I was! I ended up getting a grilled chicken pita which wasn't so bad, but yeah….LOTS of fried food there! I'm going back on Sunday. I think I'll eat bad that day! LOL!


  3. Oh, you're sooo good. I ended up with a huge sausage & peppers & a funnel cake (ok, so hubby helped with the funnel cake). They were so delicious! You should try the sweet tea, it was only 75 cents a cup & was also yummy, the best deal there I think. Go ahead & be bad on Sunday, it will be worth it. LOL


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