I’ve been confronted!

I’ve been confronted!

Today I saw two of my students giving me a look and whispering. When the bell rang, one of them came up to me and asked if they could talk to me in the other room. She said she had a “question” to ask me…

Student: “Mrs. Tow, I have to ask you a hard question.” (blushes)

Me: “Ok, go ahead. Take your time.”

Student: “Are you pregnant?”

Me: ” NOooooooooo…” (nervous giggle)

[awkward pause]

Me: “I did have some hormone therapy which has caused me to bloat and gain weight. When, I’m pregnant I will let you guys know, ok?”

Student: “Oh, ok. Just asking.”

When I walk away I hear, “Oh, man! Shoot!”

Me thinks I’ll need to pull a Jamie-Lynn Spear’s move when it’s time to make the big announcement to my students…

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