What’s going on?!

What’s going on?!

So, this morning I woke up feeling very nauseated. I spent most of the morning eating crackers and then forced myself to eat some Greek yogurt to get my vitamins and meds down.

Eeeekk!! I really hope this is coincidental, because I’m terrified of morning sickness. I really hope this isn’t a precursor to vomiting. I’d really rather spontaneously combust than puke!

On another note, I’m having strange dreams at night. For instance, the other night I had a dream that I was pushing “my baby” around in a stroller. Except, that when “my baby” started crying and I went to check on it, it was more of a cross between a human and a cat. Uh, hmm….I know this is some strange connection between being a cat lover and a baby lover, but still…

Last night I had a dream that everything was double. I went on a trip with my sister and we kept getting candy and treats. Everything I got was in two’s- like two gum balls and two hard candy’s. Is this some sort of strange sign?

Like an idiot I weighed myself this morning and that was a disaster. My pants are all too tight and actually hurt to wear. Believe it or not I actually wore a pair of maternity pants to school today (the under the belly kind). I know it’s too soon and I’m not showing or anything crazy like that, but my sister in law sent me a ton of clothes with my in-laws yesterday. She said I would be more comfortable if I just started wearing them right away and well, she’s right. They are way more comfortable and no one can tell they are maternity clothes.

I hope I’m not jinxing myself….

PS- 1 week exactly until my ultrasound!!!
PPS- I’m really counting on a few of my friends (that read this blog- you know who you are: Ellen, Rhiannon, Rebecca…) to get pregnant now. I need more pregnant buddies to get fat and complain to. Get to the gettin, people!!

4 thoughts on “What’s going on?!

  1. HAHA! You are toooo cute! We have about a month until the getting will get good! ; ) Hopefully with the acupuncture, we’ll “score” right away. I am getting pretty excited about it (and Paul probably is too, because then he’ll finally “get some”. Heheeeeeeee!!Your dream of doubles is a sign, but not a strange one! Maybe your body knows something that it is telling your subconscious mind. xxoo


  2. I can’t wait to find out about that doubles dream!!! I’m so hoping for twins for you! But one healthy baby will be wonderful, too! And trust me, I would LOVE to get fat right along with you. Doing everything we can!


  3. I don’t know if I posted this before or not (I thought I did, but maybe I never hit ‘post’ or something lol)…but what I found to really help with that icky, need to eat all the time feeling so I don’t throw up was making a ginger tea. I bought ginger root and just scraped some into hot water to steep. A big thermal coffee mug of that to sip on during school should help you get through the day a bit easier (though I’m not going to lie, I threw up at least weekly with Lucy, it was gross).


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