This weather isn’t helping things

This weather isn’t helping things

I haven’t gotten sick, yet, but I’m not exactly feeling a “pregnancy glow,” if you know what I mean. Thankfully, club soda has been my best friend.

Otherwise, I have to seriously work at keeping my eyes open every day and night. Which is weird. Matt asks me if this is normal. I think we need to get him the “What to expect when your expecting” book for Dads….

On the bright side, Matt has taken over the litter box, which is seriously a big deal in my house. I’m really excited to have passed over one of my chores. It’s awesome!

I really can’t wait to have the ultrasound next week. I’m still peeing on sticks regularly so I think this ultrasound can help calm some of my nerves.

Did you know our baby’s heart is the size of a poppy seed? Matt tried to tell me that if it’s a boy so are his genitals (the size of a poppy seed). I told him it was highly unlikely that our babies genitals are the same size as the heart, but his mind just couldn’t be changed. Men!!

4 thoughts on “This weather isn’t helping things

  1. That icky, sour, have to keep eating feeling can be helped a bit with ginger tea…chop or grate some fresh ginger into a mug and steep with hot water, then sip as needed. A big thermal coffe mug of this in the classroom can help you through the day. 😉 BIG HUGS!!!


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